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On a beach in Samui, tourists disobey red flags, a Thai guy drowns, and a foreigner is saved

The mayor of Koh Samui, Chayapon Intharasupa, said he received information that four Thai visitors were about to drown at Chawaeng Beach. All of them were rescued by local jet ski riders and rescue personnel. Three women and one male were admitted to the hospital in total. The women were all well, but Jakkapan Boonchanya, the male, was thought to be in grave condition and unlikely to survive. According to the holidaymakers’ family members, the group had swum too far from the beach and been hit by a large wave. Four Thai tourists went swimming in heavy waves despite a red flag warning on the beach at Chawaeng Beach on Koh Samui in the southern district of Surat Thani on Wednesday. One of the passengers drowned, but the remaining four were saved. According to staff at a jet ski rental company on the beach, one foreigner was also rescued not long before an incident involving Thai guests. According to employees of a nearby jet ski rental business, several people, both Thai and international, perished at the beach owing to strong gusts and waves, as well as deep water near the beach. Red flag warnings are prevalent, he claims, but many tourists disregard them. They attempted, but failed, to return to land by swimming. As a result, they shouted out for rescue and asked adjacent jet ski riders for assistance, who dispatched a boat to bring them back in.

In addition to the Thai groups, he said there had been another rescue earlier in the day. All tourists should be aware of red flags and other cautions, according to the mayor of Koh Samui. In order to avert repeat accidents, he asked homeowners and store owners along the beach to assist in the care of tourists. A passing jet ski rider saved the unlucky victim, who was a foreigner. He went on to explain that he had also urged visitors not to swim, but that several of them had resisted, insisting that they could swim well enough.

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