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On September 24 the next election’s official campaign period will begin

On September 24, the current House term will have 180 days left, therefore election campaigning can begin. Despite the election season starting a week from now, many political parties have already begun staging rallies, issuing official declarations, and stirring up support for their parties and candidates. Bhumjaithai Party lambasted Democrat Party on rubber price. Politics has been at the forefront of the headlines in recent months due to the term limits of suspended Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

In Thailand’s northern and northeastern provinces, where they’ve usually done well, the Pheu Thai Party has been conducting rallies ahead of election season. The Election Commission announced Monday that parties and candidates can begin campaigning. If the House is dissolved before 180 days, campaigning can begin immediately until the following election. Several candidates for offices up to and including prime minister have been anticipated or announced. The Organic Act’s Section 68 outlines when campaign season can begin. When a House term has 180 days left, politicians can start campaigning. In certain nations, campaigns can take years and start after the last election. The next general election is expected in March 2019, barring a House dissolve. Politics will dominate the news for months until the next general election, when campaign season begins. Vote now!

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