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One and a half million Chinese visitors are expected to visit Thailand this year

11 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand in 2019, spending an average of $610 per day. According to a report, Thailand’s beaches and natural beauty, cultural activities, and affordability attract Chinese tourists. Japan reopens Oct. 11. Before the outbreak, many people traveled between Thailand and Japan. In 2019, Thailand welcomed 1.8 million Japanese tourists and 1,3 million Thais visited Japan. Additional liberalization of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s entrance requirements will attract more tourists, especially to Hong Kong, a favourite Thai destination. 430,000 and 380,000 tourists visited Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2019. The Thai government expects 160 million domestic trips with “We Travel Together” incentives. Locals may worry about their health and safety abroad. Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakan said Xi Jinping’s attendance at the APEC conference in Bangkok might help secure 12 million tourists this year. If Xi allows outbound travel to resume in December, Phiphat predicts 1.5 million Chinese tourists might visit Thailand. The Chinese premier will attend the November 18 APEC conference if he remains president after the Party session in Beijing this month. First nine months of 2022 marked halfway. Thailand expects 1.5 million international tourists in each of the last three months of the year, increasing the total to above 10 million. 15 weekly flights serve students and entrepreneurs between Thailand and southern China. The Tourism and Sports Ministry has maintained a close relationship with China during the pandemic. As a diplomatic gesture, China may reduce travel restrictions in December as a gift to Thailand, the summit’s host.

Phiphat said, “I’m hopeful we’ll reach 10 million international visitors this year.” Despite his optimism, Phiphat said lesser visitor spending could affect the 1.5 trillion baht income goal.

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