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Orchard Heist Caught on Camera: Thai Farmers Fight Back with CCTV Against Fruit Thieves

Welcome to a tale of citrus intrigue, midnight shenanigans, and the ever-vigilant eye of modern technology! Imagine the sweet, tart aroma of pomelos hanging heavily in the rural air, as our story unfolds under the moonlit sky of December 30th. This isn’t just any night, though. For one middle-aged chap with light-fingered tendencies, it’s a night of ‘harvest’. This gentleman, our protagonist in the dark, weaves among the shadows, filling his fertilizer bags with the plump fruits of another’s labor.

But wait! What’s this? His brazen heist is captured on candid camera—the meticulously placed CCTV of a farmer, who, like in a game of chess, had predicted this very move and was prepared for the checkmate. Sarawut, who prefers to keep his family name a secret, much like a superhero undercover, once suffered in silence as the juicy fruits of his pomelo plot were pilfered. Now, he’s taking a stand, with his electronic sentinel standing guard.

Action! The camera rolls as our fruity felon flits from tree to tree, not content with just the pomelos. Oh no, his ambition is boundless; papayas are pocketed, electric wires wrangled away, and water pumps pilfered—nothing is sacred under the cloak of night!

The plot thickens as Sarawut sheds light on his plight, regaling the press with tales of his techno-guardianship. After bearing witness to neighboring plots’ pillaging, he was spurred into action, arming himself with the all-seeing digital eye. A complaint? Of course! The local constabulary at Muang Phichit Police Station are on the case, thanks to the sharp images captured by Sarawut’s camera.

But there’s more, dear readers! Enter Manop Phurahong, a fellow pomelo cultivator, whose orchard has been stripped clean of over 100 kilograms of citrus delights—a hefty heist amounting to the princely sum of 3,000 baht, vanishing into the night, each and every evening. He cries out for justice, imploring the officials to hasten their hunt, expressing a weary frustration in nurturing nature’s bounty, only for a shadowy figure to swipe his sweet rewards.

As we close this chapter of the pomelo pilferer, let not despair dampen our spirits. For each night, our diligent farmers watch and wait, their digital guardians poised to capture and perhaps, one day soon, to help foil the grand theft of pomelos!

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