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Phichit Pomelo Predicament: Thai Orchard Hit by Nighttime Fruit Bandit

The tranquility of a serene orchard bathed in the soft glow of moonlight was rudely disrupted by an audacious act of thievery. In the dead of night, a time when only the crickets should be heard, a middle-aged man with a mission sauntered into the groves. His expedition was not for pleasure, not to bask in the fragrant aroma of ripe pomelos, but to pillage and plunder the fruits of another’s labor. With meticulous stealth, he harvested the majestic pomelos, heavy with juice, and spirited them away into the dark recesses of fertiliser bags on that fateful night of December 30.

The saga didn’t end there. The bandit, not content with his citrus bounty, dared to covet more. His grasping hands didn’t just swipe papayas but also laid claim to electric wires and even water pumps – instruments crucial to the very lifeblood of the farm’s operations.

Yet, the machinations of this brazen criminal did not go unnoticed. An intrepid farmer by the name of Sarawut (last name withheld), guardian of the pomelos, foresaw such villainy. In his wisdom, he had erected CCTV sentinels around his precious grove after whispers of pomelo pilfering echoed from nearby plots. When the thief struck, his misdeeds were captured in glaring detail, forever immortalized by the unblinking digital eye.

Armed with this indisputable evidence, Sarawut marched to the Muang Phichit Police Station, anguish and outrage fuelling his demand for justice. His camera had spotted the culprit, and with a staunch resolve, he filed a complaint with the stalwart investigators, seeking retribution for his violated orchard.

Yet Sarawut was not alone in his misfortune. Another venerable grower of pomelos, Manop Phurahong, lamented the loss of over 100 kilograms of his prized fruit, each kilogram worth its weight in baht – a whopping 3,000-swoon worthy treasure vanishing into the night. His plea to the officials carried the weight of a man pushed to the brink, a man exhausted by the unrelenting cycle of nurturing fruit only for it to fall prey to a nocturnal marauder.

The farming community stood united, their call to action clear: Capture this pillager of pomelos, this pilferer of papayas, this larcenist of the land. With the stakes so high and the community so riled, the pressure is on for law enforcement to outfox the fox, to restore peace to the pomelo orchards, and to ensure that the only bags filled under the cover of darkness are those of paying customers come harvest time. Until then, the farmers of Phichit hold their breath, hoping that their fruit might remain on the boughs long enough to see the dawn.

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