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Phuket officials assemble as the tourist season begins to combat the drug problem

Drug users and sellers communicate often via email, social media, and LINE, a popular Thai messaging app, according to officials. They further stated that narcotics packages arriving in Phuket are commonly disguised in coastal areas like as mangrove woodlands and fish cages. They also indicated that in order to monitor drug routes by land and sea, increased collaboration between the government and related networks is essential. Officials believe that in order to prevent drug smuggling into Phuket, airlines must be more careful. The panel did, however, talk on how important it is for drug users to get the help they need. If Somsak’s and Phuket officials’ efforts to curb drug usage are successful, only time will tell. Officials said that more rigorous searches are needed in these areas. Officials in Phuket are ready for an increase in illegal drug demand now that Thailand’s travel restrictions are relaxing. The most often used drug in Phuket is methamphetamine, which is followed by crystal methamphetamine, sometimes known as ‘ice,’ marijuana, and cocaine. This morning, a group of officials gathered in Phuket City Hall to discuss drug issues in the island province. The conference was presided over by a director from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Region 8 office. Other government officials were present as well.

The government hopes to recover 10 billion baht by the end of the year, after seizing more than half of that money from illegal narcotics activities in Q1. Somsak Thepsutin, Thailand’s Justice Minister, told Thai media that the government is winning the drug war. Somsak went on to claim that the government has a new strategy for combating drug traffickers, which comprises confiscating their assets and cutting off their drug-related financial sources. Somsak acknowledged that tracking down drug cartels operating in Thailand’s underworld is difficult, but that the procedures in place keep them one step ahead of the gangs.

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