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Pink Line’s Secret Game-Changer! Unveiling Thailand’s Cutting-Edge Train Extension – You Won’t Believe What’s Planned For 2025!

With an unwavering commitment to constant progress, Paul Kanjanapas, the renowned Chief Executive Officer of our esteemed organization, has officially revealed the on-going construction of a Pink Line train extension. This new project, under the auspices of the Mass Rapid Transit Authority (referred to colloquially as the MRTA), is currently making headway, with a successful 30% of work already completed.

Spanning an impressive 3 kilometers, this extension segment will host two state-of-the-art stations, creatively dubbed MT-01, otherwise known as Muang Thong Thani Station, and MT-02 or Muang Thong Lake Station. Excitingly, these architectural marvels are slated to be fully operational by 2025, welcoming commuters with open arms.

Not content with merely creating spaces for transit, Paul Kanjanapas ensures that the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination. As construction workers diligently lay the railway tracks and erect the two stations, the corporate division of Bangkok Land will simultaneously be working on the spectacular Sky Entrance. This architectural wonder will act as a seamless link between the MT-01 station and the formidable Impact Challenger Hall. Perfectly designed to facilitate exhibition-goers, this will make their commute as convenient as ever.

In a bid to ensure smooth connectivity, an ambitious sum of 195 million baht has been set aside by the company. This chunk of change will be put to good use in constructing a lofty 230-metre-long bridge. The link bridge will connect the station and a newly designed lobby at the Impact Challenger Hall. Picture this – giant LED screens installed in the lobby that display the arrival and departure times of trains, making the commute for those departing from Impact a walk in the park.

Against all odds, the construction of the Sky Entrance looks to commence in early 2022, with an estimated completion timeline of 14 months. If all goes as per schedule, the grand unveiling will coincide perfectly with the opening of the Muang Thong Thani Station in March 2025.

While the infrastructure takes shape, the company has planned a convenient solution for commuters heading to the exhibition centre. Starting next month, a gratuitous shuttle bus service will operate from Si Rat station to Impact until the newly minted station becomes functional.

Ensuring absolute safety, Paul stressed on the importance of Impact’s team of skilled engineers coordinating with the construction contractor. They have been tasked with making sure that visitor safety, traffic flow, and the landscape at Impact’s entrance aren’t compromised during the construction period, promising a flawless project delivery by July 2025.

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