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Pollution Crisis Averted? Bangkok Witnesses Astonishing Dip in PM2.5 Levels – Could This Be the Breath of Fresh Air the City Desperately Needs?

A wave of relief swept through the city of Bangkok today as the Air Quality Data Centre reported a startling drop in the PM2.5 levels. The early hours of the dawn, between 5am to 7am, witnessed impressive fluctuations in the measurements, which ranged anywhere between 25.8 and 60.2 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m³). The big picture was even more satisfying, as the citywide average choked in at a delightful 40.1µg/m³.

However, the day isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. A layer of concern settles beneath the notable progress as 41 locales in the city continue to exceed the permissible PM2.5 standard level. These areas have been issued an orange level health alert, which implies serious potential hazards for those with particular health conditions. As the sun stroked the skyline at 7am, the PM2.5 measurements slid within the 25.8 to 57.8µg/m³ range. While a decrease from yesterday’s figures, 37 areas in the city remained ensnared above standard levels.

The dubious crown of the highest measurements was claimed by three sectors in the city. Bang Rak area, close to Bang Rak Love Plaza Police Station, registered a PM2.5 concentration of 57.8µg/m³. Nong Khaem area, at the junction near the police station on Phetkasem 81 Road, and Tawee Watthana at Sanam Luang 2 entrance also reported similar concentrations, according to Sanook.

These orange alert levels call for immediate action. Citizens are advised to curtail outdoor activities and resort to protective equipment when venturing out. Individuals experiencing health issues – cough, breathing troubles, eye irritation, chest constriction, headaches, irregular heartbeats, nausea, and fatigue – are urged to seek professional medical assistance at the earliest.

NASA’s hotspot data reassures us of an absence of any hotspots with unusual heat ranges in the Bangkok vicinity. However, everyone is strongly encouraged to monitor air quality data on the go. The AirBKK app,,, multiplex Facebook pages, and LINE channels serve as reliable platforms for the same. Any verified pollution source can be immediately reported through the Traffy Fondue channel.

Meteorological speculations for the timeline spanning today till October 28 indicate weaker air circulation, which could potentially increase the PM2.5 concentration in certain areas. As of today, Bangkok and its neighboring areas are on the radar for a 70% chance of thunderstorms and extreme weather, including heavy downpours and gusty winds. This news comes just two days after Bangkok, along with several other provinces, was battling with unnerving levels of ultra-fine dust – PM2.5. The quality of air in number of areas oscillated between moderate and unhealthy categories.

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