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Praween Chankhlai’s Fall: A Tragic Drama Unfolds with Murder and Convictions in Nakhon Pathom

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In the shadowy folds of Nakhon Pathom province, a tale unfolds that seems more akin to a tragic drama than the evening news. On September 7, 2023, Praween Chankhlai, a figure woven into the very fabric of local influence, found himself surrendering to the arms of the law. This arrest was not for a minor infraction but connected to the shocking murder of a highway policeman, which splintered the calm of a supposed celebratory gathering at his home the night before. The photograph capturing his surrender, with the heavy weight of consequence in his gaze, began circulating, marking a pivotal turn in a case that would enthrall an entire nation.

The narrative took its most decisive twist within the stern walls of the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases. Here, justice meticulously tallied its accounts, sentencing an ensemble of 15 policemen and seven civilians to varying tenures in prison. This ruling stemmed from the grim proceedings of a dinner party at an influential kamnan’s residence last year, which culminated in a cold-blooded spectacle that laid Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua to rest beneath a shroud of unanswered questions and unsettled dust.

Among the convicts, the sentences ebbed and flowed like a capricious tide. Four policemen found their fates sealed for two years, while the others saw 16 months etched into their timelines for malfeasance. A singular figure managed to emerge unscathed, acquitted of the charge, highlighting the intricate weave of culpability and innocence that characterized this case. Pol Maj Kiattisak Somsuk, a name once synonymous with law enforcement in Samut Sakhon, found himself among those condemned, his past accolades now overshadowed by a sentence that bound him to the annals of infamy.

Under the roof of Praween Chankhlai’s residence, where camaraderie was expected to flourish, a scene unfolded that seemed plucked from a noir thriller. The night air was pierced by the fatal report of a gunshot, signifying the demise of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua. The gathering, peppered with figures of authority, stood paralyzed as the perpetrator, Thananchai Manmak, dissolved into the night, leaving behind a tableau marked by shock and inaction. It was later found that his escape led him to Kanchanaburi province, where his narrative met a fatal conclusion by the hands of the police, a twist of irony in a tale already brimming with stark contradictions.

The catalyst for this tragic sequence—a dispute over a promotion—seems almost trivial in the shadow of the ensuing aftermath. Praween Chankhlai, now confined within the somber confines of Bangkok Remand Prison, contemplates a two-year sentence, a stark reminder of the fine line between power and precipice. Five others share a similar fate, though with a sliver of leniency, their sentences slightly lighter, perhaps a nod to the complex web of circumstances that ensnare even those on the periphery.

As Praween faces the looming specter of a more grievous charge—the alleged orchestration of this dark ballet that led to Pol Maj Sivakorn’s untimely demise—the narrative continues to unravel, each thread exposing the fragile dichotomy of law and disorder. This tale, while unique in its details, sheds light on the universal themes of ambition, betrayal, and the elusive quest for justice, making it not just a local news item, but a somber ballad of human folly and the relentless pursuit of reparation.


  1. TheRealTruthSeeker April 9, 2024

    It’s just another example of how the justice system fails to address the root problem. The elite get a slap on the wrist while ordinary people suffer the consequences. How is a two-year sentence enough for orchestrating a murder?

    • OptimistPrime April 9, 2024

      While I agree that the punishment seems lenient, we need to consider the complexities of the legal system. It’s not always black and white, and sometimes, the outcome is the result of meticulous legal considerations.

      • TheRealTruthSeeker April 9, 2024

        Meticulous legal considerations or not, it sets a dangerous precedent. If you have enough influence, you can escape the full weight of justice. It’s not just about this case; it’s about what it represents.

    • LegalEagle123 April 9, 2024

      You’re oversimplifying the issue. The legal system works on evidence and the law. If the punishment was within the legal framework, then justice was served, irrespective of our personal opinions on the matter.

  2. JaneD April 9, 2024

    This whole story sounds like it came straight out of a crime drama. It’s hard to believe things like this happen in real life!

    • PageTurner April 9, 2024

      It’s eerily similar to a plot from a novel I read last year. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and sadly, sometimes much darker.

  3. Frankie April 9, 2024

    Isn’t anyone else worried about the impact of this incident on the local community? Such events could leave a lasting scar on the public’s trust in law enforcement.

    • LocalYokel April 9, 2024

      Absolutely, Frank. The trust is shaky as it is, and incidents like these just make the gap wider between the police and the public.

  4. CuriousCat April 9, 2024

    Does anyone know more about the so-called ‘dispute over a promotion’? It seems like such a trivial reason to escalate to murder.

    • Bookworm April 9, 2024

      It’s often the case that trivial issues escalate due to underlying tensions. Perhaps it wasn’t just about the promotion but a culmination of ongoing issues.

      • DeepThinker April 9, 2024

        That’s a insightful perspective. Often, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back, not just one issue but an accumulation of grievances over time.

  5. HistoryBuff April 9, 2024

    This case is a reflection of the cyclical nature of power and corruption. It’s not unique to our era or country. The details change, but the story remains the same.

  6. LegalLion April 9, 2024

    In the end, justice seems to be more about interpretation and less about truth. The case is complex, but one can’t help wonder if all facets were considered fairly.

    • Skeptic101 April 9, 2024

      That’s an interesting take. Do you think the outcome would have been different if the case had received more public attention or pressure?

      • LegalLion April 9, 2024

        It’s possible. Public attention can sway outcomes by bringing additional scrutiny. But, it can also overshadow the facts, making it a double-edged sword.

  7. PollyAnna April 9, 2024

    Stories like these make me lose faith in humanity. Is there no end to the darkness people can succumb to over power?

    • HopefulThinker April 9, 2024

      Don’t lose faith just yet, Polly. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and stories of justice, though they may seem few and far between, renew our hope in humanity.

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