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Prime Minister’s Heartwarming Gesture: Srettha’s Generous Move Sets a Humane Example!

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, a figure known for his keen sensitivity to social causes, made a heartening announcement through his government spokesman, Chai Wacharonke – an additional gift of monetary kindness to four thriving foundations from his personal remuneration. Each of the foundations, representing a panoramic view of societal needs, will receive a sum of 50,000 baht from the Prime Minister’s salary and meeting allowances.

Mr Chai elaborated on the diverse range of issues these four foundations – the Thai With Disability Foundation, the Issarachon Foundation, the River of Peace Foundation, and the House of Blessing Foundation – extend their efforts towards. From rendering support to the disabled to stipulating care to the elderly, from providing shelters to the homeless to advocating peace, the initiatives of these foundations cater to a broad spectrum of social needs.

This generous move was not out of the blue, though. Back in late September, it was Mr Chai who had confirmed the Prime Minister’s intention to channel his government-earned income and meeting allowances to varying foundations across the nation. The first donation was then made to the Foundation for Children. It wasn’t just a one-off contribution, but the Prime Minister also committed his time and thoughts to these charities, seeking to understand their challenges and explore potential solutions, as reported by Mr Chai.

The Prime Minister’s income, which comes from his dual roles as Prime Minister and Finance Minister, is a combination of his 75,590-baht salary and a 50,000-baht allowance, amounting to 125,590 baht a month. This financial indulgence isn’t about boasting the numbers, but about setting a humane example that positions societal needs above personal ones.

Prime Minister Thavisin’s actions are a testament to his commitment to unearth constructive solutions for societal problems, a call to value society over self, and a beacon of hope that highlights the notion – charity indeed begins at home, or in this case, the Government House.

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