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PTTEP Showcases Sirikit Oilfield’s Innovations and Community Integration to Shareholders

Imagine a treasure hidden beneath the earth, a source of wealth and wonder that has captured the imagination of many. Today, I’m thrilled to invite you on a virtual tour to such a place, none other than the legendary Sirikit Oilfield at S1 Project. It’s a gem that nestles in the heart of Thailand’s lush landscapes and is operated by the esteemed company, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP), renowned for its expertise and innovation in the energy sector.

On this fine day, our journey begins with the arrival of 200 esteemed shareholders, who, with eager anticipation, stepped onto the grounds of this majestic oilfield located in the serene district of Lan Krabue, Kamphaeng Phet Province. Spearheading this warm welcome were the distinguished figures of PTTEP – Ms. Yaninee Wajeepratubjit, the esteemed Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Assurance Division; Mr. Anan Amornprabharwat, the dynamic Senior Vice President, Thai Onshore Asset; and Mr. Sarayut Niamrit, the Acting Vice President, S1 Production Operations Department, each a paragon of dedication and vision within the company.

As the group embarked on their exploration, it was not just the thought of hydrocarbon treasures that sparked excitement but also the prospects of knowledge and discovery at the Piyachat Nithat Exhibition Center – a place where the mysteries of petroleum exploration, development, and production unfurl. Here, shareholders delved into an interactive experience, gaining insights into the complex yet fascinating world of energy creation, grasping how seismic waves and geological surveys unveil the secrets below us, and how the black gold is brought from the depths to fuel our modern world.

But this tour was not merely an industrial one. PTTEP, with its unwavering commitment to social responsibility, turned the spotlight on something equally nourishing and enriching – the abundant local agricultural products. They highlighted the fruits of labor, not just the ones extracted from the earth but those that spring from it, grown and nurtured by the local community. It was a testament to PTTEP’s support of the region’s agrarian heritage, ensuring that as the company flourishes, so do the surrounding communities.

Guests walked away from this experience not only with a deeper understanding of the energy industry but also with their hearts warmed by the sustainable integration of modern enterprise with local prosperity. This visit to the Sirikit Oilfield wasn’t just about showcasing PTTEP’s prowess in energy production; it was about demonstrating a path where progress and social responsibility walk hand in hand, championing a brighter, greener, and more inclusive tomorrow.

So here’s to the Sirikit Oilfield and PTTEP – where energy, education, and empowerment converge to create a narrative that goes beyond oil and gas, weaving a story of innovation, community, and sustainability. Cheers to those fortunate shareholders who glimpsed into this extraordinary chapter of Thailand’s energy saga, an experience that I’m certain, left them inspired and enthralled. And for those of us partaking in this tale from afar, may we carry forward this spirit of exploration and inclusivity in all our endeavors.

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