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Rap music is prohibited by a court because it poses a risk to Thailand’s security

The song video generated criticism of the monarchy from the online social media community that violated constitutional legislation and exposed people who made the remarks to possible Lèse-majesté prosecution. Rap Against Dictatorship’s song Patiroob (which translates to “reform”) was taken down from YouTube after the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society asked the court to ban it in accordance with the Computer Crime Act. The ban was lifted by the court, and a new trial date was set. It was repeatedly postponed till May before the most recent decision in July. On September 23, 2021, band member Dechathorn Bamrungmuang, a.k.a. HOCKHACKER, petitioned the Court to reverse the decision since the band had not been permitted to testify. He denied that the song represented a threat to national security. The song criticizes the government for prosecuting and using force against the pro-democracy protesters, denounces the use of public funds for private gain, emphasizes the illegality of a coup-formed government, and makes the case that tax dollars should be used to make government decisions rather than supporting polygamy.

The lyrics of the song, which make references to the Thai king and prime minister, are a threat to national security, the Court concluded. The song was found to contain obscene words by the court as well. The group acknowledged the decision and declared that they will take the song and video down from all of their public channels. The Court rejected claims that the song upheld constitutional freedoms of expression and that it was a creative work that benefited society, adding that freedom cannot harm others, especially members of the monarchy and the executive branch of government. “The development of anything to reform, improve, or modify things in a totalitarian state may be tough at present, but the moment will soon come,” Rap Against Dictatorship added on Facebook.

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