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Red flags are raised on Phuket’s beaches during storms

Phuket has not yet decided if increased security and the red flags will stop visitors from swimming in hazardous waters. Red flag warnings haven’t stopped some tourists from swimming. On July 31, a Vietnamese woman and her daughter perished in the water at Thalang’s Naithon Beach. This discovery is timely because a number of drowning accidents that happened in Phuket during the past month have been linked to strong surf. A doctor dove into the ocean to try to save him before the waves carried him away. Both of the men perished in the water. Investigation revealed that three Vietnamese tourists who were staying at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach chose to swim that morning despite red flag warnings that the surf were dangerous. Prior to the start of the lifeguard shift, they went swimming. Red flags have been flown over Phuket’s beaches on the island as storms continue to cause devastation nearby. Patong Beach, Surin Beach, Kata Beach, and Karon Beach are a few of the beaches that now have red flags. Narong asserts that all pertinent officials and departments have received orders to serve visitors as well as possible. Vice governors, district heads, local authorities, and the police, he continued, play a key role in continuously ensuring visitor safety.

When the red flags are flying at these locations, visitors are advised to stay away from the water. Similar circumstances occurred last month when a British visitor went swimming at Kata Beach despite caution flags. In the wake of that catastrophe, Phuket’s Governor Narong advocated for tighter safety rules. He went to Patong Beach to perform an inspection and offer his support for the lifeguards stationed there. On the beach, lifeguards were stationed and red flags were flown to rigorously supervise the security of the visitors.

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