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Residents of Pattaya are dissatisfied with the new storm drainage project

Many Pattaya internet users are unhappy with the plans, stating that the project will cause severe traffic congestion. Others have chastised the government, stating that it should complete old projects like Walking Street before starting new ones. According to the Pattaya Public Relations Department’s official Facebook page, the first phase of the storm drainage system would begin in front of Soi Potisan and conclude at the bridge spanning the Na Kluea Canal.

The launch of a new effort to solve flooded highways during Thailand’s rainy season has displeased residents in Pattaya. The Deputy Secretary Permanent of Pattaya, Kiattisak Siwongchai, admitted that two lanes in the middle of the road beside the traffic island would be closed for construction, and that construction work would focus on about 90 meters at a time for each phase of the project to avoid any heavy traffic around the area.

The necessary agencies have been asked, according to Kiattisak, to notify residents one week before construction begins so that cars and pedestrians may plan ahead. He went on to clarify that construction would not start on a Friday because many visitors travel to Pattaya for the weekend and roadworks would exacerbate traffic congestion. The announcement has elicited a lot of harsh feedback. The city administration plans to construct a storm drainage system along Sukhumvit Road, with the first phase scheduled to start next month.

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