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Royal Thai Police Crack Down on Euro 2024 Gambling: 126 Arrested Nationwide

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On Friday and Saturday, a wave of arrests swept through Thailand as 126 individuals were apprehended for betting on the 2024 UEFA European Football Championships (Euro 2024) matches, according to a statement released by the Royal Thai Police on Monday. Most notably, six of these individuals were detained for organizing and facilitating the bets, while 117 were caught in the act of illegal betting. The remaining few, as informed by Assistant National Police Chief Pol Lt Gen Akkaradej Pimolsri, were responsible for distributing betting tickets to the eager gamblers.

The majority of those detained were gambling on match outcomes while watching the games in an ambiance of neon lights and thrumming beats at nightclubs and other venues that hosted live broadcasts of the matches, Pimolsri explained. Authorities seized approximately 150 betting tickets along with a modest sum of 11,000 baht in cash, collectively serving as substantial evidence of the illegal activities.

In response to these arrests, police stations across the nation have been instructed to intensify their crackdown on football gambling. This includes a rigorous focus on dismantling online betting rings, Pimolsri added. Venues that feature live broadcasts of the Euro matches, particularly night entertainment hotspots, are under close surveillance to deter further incidents.

Additionally, the police are urging members of the public to become active participants in this campaign by reporting any observed football gambling activities. To facilitate this, the Royal Thai Police have made their 191 and 1599 hotline numbers available round-the-clock for anonymous tips and information submission.

The crackdown comes amid alarming findings from a recent survey conducted by the Centre for Gambling Studies at Chulalongkorn University. The survey, which utilized various methods including face-to-face interviews, revealed that nearly three million young individuals had indulged in some form of online gambling over the past year, culminating in an overwhelming debt amounting to over 770 million baht.

Conducted between January 20 and February 24 of the previous year, the survey engaged 5,010 participants aged 15 to 25 across 19 provinces. The findings underscore a growing societal concern regarding the proliferation of gambling among the youth, and the potential financial and social repercussions that come with it.

With the stakes this high—pun intended—the Royal Thai Police are doubling down on their efforts to curtail the boosting illegal gambling activities surrounding the Euro 2024. They emphasize the significance of collective vigilance and public cooperation in making this initiative successful. Together, they aspire to promote a safer, and more legally compliant watching experience for football enthusiasts across the nation.


  1. Lisa W. June 17, 2024

    This is ridiculous! People should be allowed to gamble if they want to. It’s their money!

    • John Doe June 17, 2024

      Gambling can ruin lives and families. It’s not just about personal choice. Society needs regulations to protect the vulnerable.

      • grower134 June 17, 2024

        But banning it outright just pushes it underground, making it even more dangerous. Regulation, not prohibition, is the answer.

    • Lisa W. June 17, 2024

      Exactly! Regulate it, don’t ban it. People will always find a way, so it’s better to keep it safe and legal.

  2. Natasha June 17, 2024

    What about the youth? The survey shows three million young people gambling. We need stricter laws!

    • Ken June 17, 2024

      Young people will always find a way to rebel. Education and awareness are more effective than strict laws.

    • Natasha June 17, 2024

      Education is great, but without strict laws, you’re just encouraging more illegal activity among teenagers.

  3. Dr. Paul June 17, 2024

    The survey results are alarming. This many young people involved in gambling indicates a deep-rooted societal issue.

  4. Frankie June 17, 2024

    I think this crackdown is just a show. The authorities are probably in on it too.

    • Megan June 17, 2024

      That’s a bit cynical. Not all police are corrupt. Some of them genuinely want to help.

  5. Kevin R June 17, 2024

    Nightclubs and gambling go hand in hand. If they didn’t want gambling, they should shut down the clubs.

  6. Preston June 17, 2024

    Clubs are not the problem. The issue is people who can’t gamble responsibly.

    • Kevin R June 17, 2024

      People will always act irresponsibly. It’s the club’s responsibility to enforce the law.

    • Preston June 18, 2024

      It’s impractical to make clubs law enforcers. Better to focus on reducing illegal gambling through other means.

  7. Sophia June 17, 2024

    The punishments are way too lenient. Only 11,000 baht? That’s nothing!

    • Marcus L. June 17, 2024

      The small amount of money suggests they’re only catching small fish. The big players are probably getting away.

    • Sophia June 17, 2024

      Exactly! They need to go after the big fish for real impact.

  8. Jenna June 18, 2024

    I agree with the police crackdown. Gambling can lead to addiction and crime, so strong action is needed.

    • gamblerx20 June 18, 2024

      Not everyone gets addicted. Most people gamble responsibly. Why should everyone suffer because of a few bad apples?

  9. Mike21 June 18, 2024

    This crackdown is superficial. Real issues like poverty and lack of opportunities push people into gambling.

  10. Sam June 18, 2024

    Police should focus on bigger crimes. Who cares if someone bets on a football match?

    • Lena G. June 18, 2024

      If it was just a small bet, sure. But once it escalates into organized crime, it’s a big problem.

  11. Eduardo June 18, 2024

    Encouraging the public to report on each other is dangerous. It creates distrust within the community.

  12. Matt June 18, 2024

    Why not legalize it and tax it? Use the revenue for public services.

  13. Karen June 18, 2024

    Legalizing it won’t solve the problem. People will just find new ways to gamble illegally.

  14. Charles June 18, 2024

    I think the majority of these arrests are just for show. Real efforts need to target the root causes.

  15. Jake June 18, 2024

    The public hotline idea can easily be abused. Anyone can make a false report.

  16. Emily R June 18, 2024

    Surveys like these are important to understand the issue, but concrete actions are necessary to make a real difference.

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