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Ruangkrai Leekitwattana Challenges 138 Million Baht Government House Renovation Under NACC Scrutiny

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Imagine standing in front of the grand Government House, witnessing not just the epicenter of political maneuverings but also a lawn restoration that’s drawing attention not for its greenery, but for the whirlwind of controversy swirling around it. Yes, the spotlight is on a rather hefty sum of 138 million baht, earmarked for renovations and procurement that are raising more than just a few eyebrows.

Taking center stage in this unfolding drama is political activist Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, who isn’t merely content to watch from the sidelines. Instead, he’s thrust himself into the heart of the storm, vowing to bring this expenditure under the scrutinizing gaze of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). Here’s where it gets juicy: this 138 million baht is part of the proposed budget for 2024, already being dissected by the House committee with the precision of a surgeon.

Now, Ruangkrai is no stranger to the twists and turns of bureaucratic red tape and he’s quick to point out that this budgetary saga has hit a snag. Thanks to a delay in cobbling together a coalition government post last year’s election drama, the 2024 budget is hanging by a thread. And without the green light from this year’s fiscal plans, dipping into the coffers could spell trouble for the cabinet if they don’t quickly justify where this cash is flowing from.

It’s not just about getting to the bottom of the budget barrel though; Ruangkrai’s on a mission to expose potential constitutional violations. He’s armed with sections 141 and 144(3) of the charter, claiming that spending before the budget’s approval could land the cabinet in hot water. It’s a political chess game, and Ruangkrai’s move is to not only challenge the cabinet but also to bring this potential violation into the glaring light of the NACC, and possibly, the Constitutional Court.

But wait, there’s more. Ruangkrai isn’t stopping at just raising the alarm; he’s calling for action. He’s urging the House committee to wield their financial scissors and cut down the allocation for this renovation and procurement extravaganza at the Government House. And in a twist that’s as intriguing as any political thriller, he initially reached out to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, only to take matters into his own hands upon hearing defenses of the project.

Digging deeper, Ruangkrai discovered that this plush 138 million baht wasn’t part of the previous year’s fiscal fairy tale, throwing the legitimacy of its disbursement into question. And what does this princely sum entail, you ask? Well, it’s a veritable feast of fiscal plans including 32 million baht to install smoke detectors in the regal Thai Ku Fah building, 11 million baht to catapult the office into the digital age, and 8.5 million baht to give the internet and management system a much-needed facelift.

So, as the Government House’s lawn slowly returns to its verdant splendor, the saga of its financial facelift is far from over. It’s a narrative rife with intrigue, accountability, and the relentless pursuit of transparency. And amidst the political and financial reshuffling, one thing remains clear: the plot is only thickening.


  1. SimonT March 13, 2024

    138 million for renovations? That’s absurd! Shouldn’t we be spending that money on more pressing issues like education or healthcare instead?

    • Natalie March 13, 2024

      Agree! It’s like they think they’re playing with Monopoly money. We have so many other areas that need urgent funding.

      • EconBuff89 March 13, 2024

        You’re oversimplifying budget allocation. Different pots of money for different purposes. Can’t just shift funds around as we please.

    • SimonT March 13, 2024

      Maybe so, EconBuff89, but it’s hard to justify such a lavish expenditure when there are so many glaring needs in society.

  2. Paula_Q March 13, 2024

    Is anyone else suspicious of the timing of this renovation? Right after an election seems like they’re trying to bury something under the rug.

    • TheTruthSeeker March 13, 2024

      Exactly my thought! This smells of corruption. We need more transparency on where our tax money is going.

      • GovtWatcher March 13, 2024

        Transparency is key, but let’s not jump to conclusions without evidence. The renovation could be a genuine need.

  3. TechieTom March 13, 2024

    11 million baht to modernize the office digitally seems fairly reasonable, considering the importance of cybersecurity and digital infrastructure in today’s world.

  4. JennaS March 13, 2024

    Ruangkrai Leekitwattana seems to be on a noble mission. Corruption has been a plague in our political system for too long. It’s time for accountability.

    • PolSciJunkie March 13, 2024

      Noble? Or is it just another political move to gain attention? We’ve seen activists use these situations for personal agendas before.

      • JennaS March 13, 2024

        Could be, but wouldn’t you agree that bringing potential misuse of funds to light serves the public’s interest, regardless of the motive?

      • Cynic22 March 13, 2024

        It all depends on the outcome. If it leads to real change, great. If not, it’s just more noise in the political echo chamber.

  5. HistoryBuff191 March 13, 2024

    Before jumping on the outrage bandwagon, remember that the Government House is a symbol of our nation. Preserving its dignity might justify the cost.

    • SimonT March 13, 2024

      A symbol doesn’t feed the hungry or educate the uneducated. We need practicality over symbolism in our spending.

  6. EcoWarrior March 13, 2024

    What about the environmental impact of this renovation? They’re focusing on smoke detectors and digital upgrades, but I hope they consider green technologies.

  7. GovSupporter March 13, 2024

    Everyone’s quick to judge the government’s decisions. Managing a country’s budget and priorities is no small feat. Perhaps there’s more to this decision than we know.

    • SimonT March 13, 2024

      While management is complex, the fundamental principle should be transparency and prioritizing the public’s needs. Is a fancy renovation really a priority?

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