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Srettha Thavisin Unveils 138-Million-Baht Government House Revamp: A Blend of Beauty, Safety, and Digital Innovation

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In the sprawling, meticulously groomed grounds of Government House, an unexpected sight has captured the attention of many – a congregation of crows, adroitly strutting their stuff on the lush, newly-laid lawn. This particular patch of green, which now serves as a feathered runway, didn’t come cheaply, boasting a price tag of 498,352 baht. It’s a minor piece in a grand puzzle, part of a colossal 138-million-baht re-landscaping and procurement symphony orchestrated at Government House.

Amidst swirling controversy and an eyebrow-raising budget, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stepped into the limelight on Monday, wielding not just assurances but a vision. He was there not to talk about any ordinary lawn or any run-of-the-mill renovation. No, he was there to discuss a comprehensive 138-million-baht facelift poised to breathe new life into the venerable Government House.

The critique was swift and sharp from activist Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, who, just a day prior, had questioned the eye-watering sum, suggesting it might be a tad extravagant. With a tone that was less suggestion and more clarion call, he urged Mr. Srettha to take a long, hard look at the budget – a reconsideration in the spirit of a pledge made just months ago on March 3, advocating for a trimmer, more prudent expenditure of government funds. “The project must withstand the scrutiny,” Ruangkrai asserted, championing the judicious use of state resources for the populace’s and the country’s greater good.

Mr. Srettha, however, was ready with a riposte. The allocation, he argued, was not merely for aesthetic enhancements to the Government House lawn. No, this was about a holistic upgrade, encompassing various facets of infrastructure in desperate need of modernization. The debate, he suggested, had been skewed by selective reporting, juxtaposing images of the verdant lawn against the backdrop of budgetary discourse. “Everything,” he assured, “aligns seamlessly with laws and regulations, ensuring a prudent and effective allocation of funds.”

Delving deeper into the slated budget, it’s revealed that the makeover extends beyond mere turf wars. A significant chunk of the funds, precisely 32 million baht, is earmarked for a life-saving addition to the Thai Ku Fah Building – smoke detectors. Not stopping there, an aspiring foray into the digital realm sees 11 million baht allocated for a digital office revolution, while 8.5 million baht is reserved for a twin turbocharge of internet speeds and office management systems into the modern age.

Natreeya Taweewong, the deputy secretary-general to the Prime Minister, painted a picture of this hefty investment as a comprehensive stride towards digital dominance, IT security fortification, and landscaping prowess, all under the ambitious banner of the 2022 digital development scheme. This financial outlay, she assured, is not just about splendor or security but about enhancing the digital fortress that guards the government’s precious databanks against the ever-looming specter of cyber threats.

Moreover, this grand plan includes a provision for shiny new electronic devices for Government House staff – a thoughtful backup strategy to mitigate the fallout from any technological hiccups that might arise. And, as Natreeya enlightens, the lawn’s facelift is but one act in a broader play, coinciding with scheduled maintenance of state edifices and historical landmarks registered with the Fine Arts Department.

As the dust settles on this vibrant debate, what emerges is a narrative of transformation, a vision for a Government House not just cloaked in beauty, but fortified in safety and cutting-edge technology. The budget, once a point of contention, now stands as a testament to a government’s commitment to progress, prudence, and the painstaking stewardship of the public trust and treasury.


  1. TechSavvy101 March 11, 2024

    Expensive lawns and digital upgrades? So this is where our taxes are going. I appreciate modernization, but 138 million baht sounds excessive for what’s being described.

    • GovtSupporter March 11, 2024

      It’s not just about a lawn or new gadgets. This is about ensuring the Government House is safe, secure, and able to meet the demands of the modern world. Safety and technological advancement are priceless.

      • SkepticalSimon March 11, 2024

        Safety and tech advancements, sure, but at what cost? There’s a fine line between necessary upgrades and lavish spending. How much of this is truly for ‘safety’ and ‘digital dominance’?

    • TechSavvy101 March 11, 2024

      I get it, security and modernization are crucial. But let’s not ignore the importance of budget management. Every penny spent must be justified, especially in pressing times when resources can serve more immediate needs.

  2. SimpleTaxpayer March 11, 2024

    A lawn that cost half a million baht? My entire neighborhood could have been fixed with that budget. The priorities seem way off.

    • Environmentalist March 11, 2024

      While the cost is high, upgrading green spaces and the environment has its benefits too. It’s not just aesthetics; it’s about creating sustainable and enjoyable landscapes.

  3. CuriousCat March 12, 2024

    Could someone explain how smoke detectors cost 32 million baht? Are these gold-plated or what?

    • FireSafetyExpert March 12, 2024

      It’s not just the detectors. The cost likely covers a fully integrated fire safety system, which involves sensors, alarms, and possibly an automatic sprinkler system throughout the building.

      • BudgetHawk March 12, 2024

        An integrated system makes sense, but transparency in breakdown costs would help the public understand and perhaps support the expenditure. Right now, it all seems like a big number with little justification.

  4. DigitalNomad March 12, 2024

    11 million on digital? That’s a drop in the ocean in terms of digital infrastructure. Curious what outcomes they expect with that kind of budget.

    • TechGuru March 12, 2024

      It’s about quality, not quantity. Strategic investments in the right technology can significantly improve efficiency and security. Besides, this is a foundation. More investments will likely follow.

  5. FiscalHawk March 12, 2024

    With such a hefty sum going towards the Government House renovation, one must wonder if all aspects of this project were truly essential or if this was another case of fiscal imprudence.

    • HistoryBuff March 12, 2024

      We can argue about costs, but preserving historical state buildings is important. It’s part of our heritage and identity. Not everything can be measured in baht and satangs.

  6. CyberSecurityNerd March 12, 2024

    Enhancing IT security is crucial in our digital age. It’s an investment in preventing potential future losses from cyber attacks, which can cost even more.

  7. AverageJoe March 12, 2024

    Why spend so much on government buildings when there are ongoing issues with healthcare, education, and poverty that need funding? Seems like misplaced priorities to me.

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