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Russian snowbird tourists traveling to Thailand cross a bridge over choppy waters

Thai AirAsia connects Bangkok and Thailand. Before the outbreak, snowbirds were Phuket’s second-largest overseas market. Singapore and Thai no longer fly to Moscow. Aeroflot will begin daily direct flights between Moscow and Phuket on October 30, 2022. Ural Airlines suggests Vladivostok, Siberia to Vientiane, Laos. As clients cut travel costs and lengthen their vacations, the average length of stay has climbed from nine to 10 days to fifteen.

The resort island is apprehensive about the next high season because its old “go to” Mainland Chinese consumer can’t travel outside. Most travelers from Russia to Phuket take Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, or Turkish Airlines. Those who can afford it buy tickets on all routes. Because of Russia and Ukraine, several countries no longer accept Russian tourists and flights. Russian winter vacationers face the conundrum “you can’t stay if you can’t go.” Turkey’s tour businesses continue to draw tourists.

Phuket’s new winter entrances disprove the notion that a straight line is always the shortest route. Kazakhstan is a center for Central Asia with direct flights to Phuket and possibly winter charters on SCAT and Sunday Airlines.

Certain Russian airlines on the EU’s aviation safety list cannot fly within the EU due to a prohibition on replacement parts and equipment. Russians can safely visit Southeast Asia. First, travel costs, which were between USD700 and 900 before COVID, have quadrupled due to a paucity of seats. Russians are Phuket’s top high-season market. Less airlift hurts island hotels and tourism. Since 1989, Russians have sought tropical islands. Mavi Gok Aviation, a part of Anex Tour, will fly to Thailand, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic from Antalya.

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