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School Bus Nightmare: Horrific Crash Leaves 16 Students Injured in Thailand – Unveil the Full Hair-Raising Story!

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Witnessing an alarming event in the routine morning hour, a school bus ferrying 40 students skidded off track, toppled over and ran headlong into a street light pole in the Kaeng Sanam Nang region of Nakhon Ratchasima. The untoward accident led to injuries of varied degrees for 16 kids aged between 10 and 17. The incident occurred on Niwetrat Road and news of it was conveyed to Police Lieutenant Colonel Paphon Chaisaksri, the investigating supervisor at Kaeng Sanam Nang police station, who was apprised of the situation at approximately 7:30am on that fateful day.

Upon their arrival at the location of the accident, the police force, in combination with rescue aid workers, spotted the ill-fated school bus turned upside down in the road’s centre. Emergency medical assistance was sought for the injured children, who were swiftly transferred to a neighbouring hospital for medical care and attention. Fortunately, the general array of injuries were minor and following treatment, most students were discharged; yet three of them needed to stay in the hospital for continued medical observation and care.

The bus was being driven by a 52-year-old named Chainarong, who was responsible for transporting the students from schools in the Kaeng Sanam Nang district to their individual schools based in the Bua Yai district. According to Chainarong, he was trying to cross the intersection just as the traffic light was altering from green to red amidst the usual chaotic morning traffic when he lost control, resulting in the bus swerving abruptly, hitting the pole, and consequently toppling over.

The local police department has since pressed charges against Chainarong, holding him accountable for driving recklessly, causing injury to the students, and causing damage to public infrastructure. The investigation is still underway as the police strive to provide a secure commute environment for school-going children each day.

In a somewhat similar case of mishap involving school transportation last month, a school minibus collided with the rear end of a pickup truck, causing it to flip sideways and leading to injuries for several school students, both boys, and girls. The unfortunate incident took place on Jarod Withi Thong Road, situated between National Highway 12’s markers 102 and 101, in the Num Reum sub-district of Tak province. To know more about this incident, click HERE.

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