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Secrets Unleashed: The Real Reason Behind MFP’s Failed Government Bid Exposed! MFP’s Stubbornness or Thailand’s Political Snake Pit?

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What led to the unsuccessful government bid by the Move Forward Party (MFP) with Pita Limjaroenrat at its helm? According to a survey conducted by Nida Poll, it was the party’s unyielding stand on certain policies that became its undoing. In the eyes of most people, the party’s inability to secure a compromise on these key policies was the primary catalyst for their failure.

The poll, which was carried out over the course of three days between the 24th and 26th of July, received responses from over a thousand people. These respondents, ringing in at a total of 1,310, represented a broad demographic mix. They spanned various age groups, starting from 18 years and upwards, and came from diverse professional, educational, and income backgrounds from across the country.

When quizzed about the potential missteps that led to the MFP’s downfall, a compelling 42.98% identified the party’s refusal to relinquish some of its policies as the primary reason. These respondents believed that the MFP’s stubborn stance to retain certain policies, even at the cost of additional support, led to their eventual defeat. On the other hand, 27.56% opined that the MFP was simply outmaneuvered by political scheming in the parliament. However, there was also a considerable group of respondents, accounting for 30.46%, who didn’t believe that the MFP erred in their tactics or strategy.

Turning the conversation toward potential protests if the MFP decided to throw its lot with the opposition, the respondents’ views split three ways. A sizable chunk, 35.19% of respondents to be exact, believed there will be substantial, albeit controllable, rallies. A tad less, 24.81%, envisaged smaller rallies, while 23.16% predicted massive protests that could spiral out of control. Clearly, public opinion is divided on the outcomes and reactions to MFP’s political fate, indicating the complexity and dynamism embodying Thailand’s political landscape

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