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See How the Breath-Taking Paradise of Photharam Collapses into a Nightmare of Blood and Jealousy!

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In an unnerving sequence of events that unfolded in the quiet Photharam District of Ratchaburi Province, an act of atrocious violence erupted in the early hours today. A man, fuelled by fierce jealousy and driven by irrational anger, wreaked havoc in a simple, single-storey house. This individual, previously charged and convicted twice, stormed into the dwelling armed with an axe owing to his wife’s friendly socialisation with a companion. His onslaught resulted in the unfortunate demise of his wife’s friend, whilst the wife and their innocent children could only escape unharmed.

The scene of this grisly incident was a humble concrete residence. Within its walls, the 56-year-old victim, known as Supamongkon, was tragically discovered, lifeless and grotesquely mutilated from the axe assault. Dressed in his final outfit of long jeans, Supamongkon’s ordeal painted a terrifying story. Shocking evidence left behind shed light on the severity of his encounter – a gruesome axe, smeared with blood, was found and preserved for further investigation.

Pennapa, the wife whose fate twisted tragically that evening, and mother to their two children, was the one who found herself married to the rogue perpetrator, Surasak, a 35-year-old man. A disturbing picture emerged of Surasak, a man entangled in the toxic addiction of substance abuse, which often triggered violent tantrums.

His volatile behaviour ultimately became unbearable for Pennapa, leading her to seek sanctuary at her grandmother’s home along with their children. However, this safe haven would tragically become the stage for the horrifying incident that followed, as narrated to KhaoSod. On the eventful night, Supamongkon, well-acquainted with Pennapa, had visited to share a few beers.

Arriving with three bottles of beer, he partook in a relaxed evening rendezvous with Pennapa and one of her male relatives. As the night petered out, the relative left, leaving Pennapa and Supamongkon to their company. That tranquillity, however, was disrupted by Surasak’s sudden, unanticipated arrival on his motorbike.

Spurred by an irrational rage upon sighting his wife with Supamongkon, Surasak let loose in a violent frenzy, despite Pennapa’s pleas for reason. In the ensuing struggle, Pennapa sustained injuries, while Surasak dragged her outdoors before presumably returning to subject Supamongkon to further grievous harm.

This brutal incident incited not only shock but also deep mourning amongst the neighbours and relatives of Supamongkon. Uncharacteristic fear surfaced as they reflected upon Surasak’s notorious history of violence against Pennapa. Despite her attempts to find refuge, Surasak’s rage pursued her, culminating in the dreadfully inhumane act.’

The local police are now relentlessly pursuing Surasak, whose accusations extend to robbery – he is suspected of absconding with the deceased Supamongkon’s cell phone. These troubling revelations further add to the complex narrative of this incident, shedding light on a brewing storm of jealousy, rage, and unchecked substance abuse.

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