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Senate Speaker Pornpetch Wichitcholchai Defends Outgoing Senate’s Role Amid Transition Concerns

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In a recent press release, Senate Speaker Pornpetch Wichitcholchai emphasized that the outgoing Senate must continue its duties until the Election Commission (EC) officially endorses the new 200 senators. This remark emerged amidst questions from political analysts and newly elected senators wondering why the budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year is being reviewed by the outgoing senators. These analysts argue that it’s the incoming senators who will face public scrutiny should any budget issues arise, thereby suggesting they should handle the review.

Mr. Pornpetch clarified on Sunday that according to the law, the responsibility still lies with the outgoing senators. He pointed out that the senators are legally required to keep serving until the new Upper House members take their oath. The term for the outgoing senators expired on May 10, but they remain active to ensure continuous parliamentary function.

“Everyone is adhering to the constitution,” stated Mr. Pornpetch, adding that the presence of the sitting senators is crucial for maintaining the flow of parliamentary activities. He further mentioned that, for instance, the Senate is scheduled to review proposed amendments to the Administration’s Measures for Prevention and Suppression of Corruption Act today. These amendments were previously bounced back by the House of Representatives for another examination.

“Senators must carry out their function,” he reiterated firmly.

Regarding the proposal put forth by the caretaker Senator Somchai Swangkarn to establish a committee to study the Senate voting process based on Section 107 of the charter, Mr. Pornpetch admitted he hasn’t delved into the details yet.

Meanwhile, the EC announced that it is preparing to reveal the results of the Senate election this week. An insider mentioned that the Secretariat of the Senate is organizing a ceremony to welcome the 200 newly elected senators along with the 100 candidates listed as reserves. This event will take place on the ground floor of the parliament complex in Bangkok’s vibrant Dusit district.

Once the EC endorses the results, the names of the new senators will be published in the Royal Gazette. The senators will then take their official oath during the inaugural Senate meeting. Following this, an election to appoint the Senate Speaker and their deputy will be held.

The incoming senators are expected to serve a term of five years. However, unlike the previous senators, these new representatives will not have a role in selecting the next prime minister. Their duties will focus on passing legislation, approving amendments to existing laws, and endorsing appointments of members of independent organizations, Constitutional Court judges, and the Attorney-General.


  1. Alex Wong July 7, 2024

    I think it’s fair for the outgoing Senate to continue their work until the new senators are sworn in. They need to ensure parliamentary activities don’t come to a halt.

    • Sandra Lee July 7, 2024

      But shouldn’t the new senators have a say in the upcoming budget? They’ll be the ones dealing with the outcomes, after all.

      • Alex Wong July 7, 2024

        I understand that point, but the law is the law. The current senators have the experience to handle the transition smoothly.

      • Tommy12 July 7, 2024

        Rules are just paper. In practical terms, new blood with fresh perspectives might handle the budget better.

    • Jenny P July 7, 2024

      I agree with Alex. Radical changes could disrupt ongoing processes, and that’s not what the country needs right now.

  2. Jose Garcia July 7, 2024

    This seems like a power grab by the outgoing senators. They should step aside for the newly elected officials.

    • Marie K. July 7, 2024

      Power grab? They’re just following legal procedures. Why make everything a conspiracy?

    • richard1978 July 7, 2024

      Marie, when politics are involved, there’s always more than meets the eye.

    • Jose Garcia July 7, 2024

      Perhaps, but transparency is key, and this situation feels a bit murky.

    • Sarah B July 7, 2024

      I think Jose brings up a valid concern. Are we sure that it’s all above board?

  3. Deborah Parker July 7, 2024

    It’s interesting that the new senators won’t have a say in selecting the next prime minister. It changes the dynamics significantly.

  4. Ling July 7, 2024

    Why even have a transition period if it’s going to cause this much controversy? They should just have the new senators take over immediately.

    • Mark T. July 7, 2024

      Transitions ensure stability. An immediate takeover could result in a chaotic start for the new Senate.

    • Ling July 7, 2024

      Stability is important, but at what cost? If we’re losing fresh ideas and newer perspectives because of an outdated process, it might not be worth it.

  5. Daniel Kim July 7, 2024

    I’m worried that the outgoing Senate might push through unpopular policies or budgets in their final days.

  6. politix_99 July 7, 2024

    Eh, politics is just a game of back-and-forth. Whoever is in power will do what they think is best for their party.

  7. Joan P. July 7, 2024

    So, was there ever a case where outgoing senators did something controversial in their last days?

  8. Paul Evers July 7, 2024

    The role of outgoing senators is critical. You can’t expect incoming senators to immediately grasp the complexities of every pending issue.

  9. Ravi July 7, 2024

    Well, they do have a transition period for a reason. It should be used efficiently, not as a power-saving mechanism for the outgoing ones.

  10. Megan Green July 8, 2024

    I find it curious that the outgoing Senate is reviewing anti-corruption measures. Is this about ensuring due process, or is there an ulterior motive?

    • JustMe24 July 8, 2024

      Good point, Megan. That’s a pretty high-stakes piece of legislation for them to be handling right now.

    • Roberto July 8, 2024

      Or maybe it’s precisely because it’s high-stakes that they are reviewing it. They have the experience to handle such important measures.

  11. CuriousGeorge July 8, 2024

    Why the big fuss over a ceremony to welcome new senators? It’s routine, isn’t it?

    • Linda S. July 8, 2024

      Ceremonies signify the importance of the transition. It’s not just routine, it’s about setting the tone for new governance.

  12. Allen Fox July 8, 2024

    At the end of the day, we should respect the constitution. If it says the outgoing Senate stays until the new ones are sworn in, then that’s the rule.

  13. Nicky56 July 8, 2024

    I hope the new Senate will bring substantial reforms. The old Senate didn’t live up to expectations.

  14. Teresa D. July 8, 2024

    The new senators are hamstrung from the start if the outgoing Senate makes all the critical decisions before they step in.

  15. Mandy Lee July 8, 2024

    I’m optimistic that this transition will go smoothly. We need to push forward in unity rather than creating divisions.

    • Craig July 8, 2024

      Unity is important, but transparency and accountability should never be sacrificed for it.

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