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Shocking Adultery Scandal: Thai Hospital Director’s Affair Exposed by Husband with Guntouch Jompalang

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A 30-year-old man, accompanied by social media activist Guntouch “Gun” Jompalang, recently found himself in the glaring spotlight of a media briefing in Bangkok. This public revelation, which unfolded on a dramatic Thursday, centered around a shocking case of adultery involving his wife and a hospital director with very particular tastes. The raw details of this story were captured in a video shared on Gun Jompalang’s Facebook page.

The heartbroken husband accused a prominent 40-year-old hospital director of engaging in an adulterous relationship with his 28-year-old nurse wife. Despite being fully aware of her marital status and the fact that she had a child, the hospital director reportedly romanced her starting last year. Initially, the husband was oblivious to their illicit affair.

However, subtle changes in his wife’s behavior raised his suspicions. She frequently avoided his calls and seemed distant. His worst fears were confirmed when he checked the GPS on her phone, which revealed her location in Nakhon Pathom—a far cry from her claim of staying at her boss’s house due to a poor internet connection.

The situation escalated dramatically when she returned home on May 30 sporting unfamiliar bruises. Confused and concerned, he checked her phone, only to stumble upon incriminating videos of his wife with another man. Confronting her with this irrefutable evidence, she confessed to the affair with the hospital director. Despite his pleas to end the relationship for the sake of their family, her response was devastatingly indifferent.

Desperate to comprehend the nature of their relationship, he discovered that his wife and her lover engaged in sado-masochistic activities. Their encounters involved being chained, handcuffed, and the use of hot candle wax—a far cry from their previous marital intimacy. To his further dismay, traces of candle wax were found on her nursing uniform.

“My wife admitted to enjoying this type of sex and even asked me to participate in similar activities,” the man revealed. “I begged her to leave the hospital director and promised to try new things in bed. However, she confessed that while she loved me and our child, she found unparalleled satisfaction in her encounters with the hospital director.”

The emotional toll was immense. He recalled how she bluntly told him that he was not her type, despite his clean lifestyle devoid of smoking, drinking, or drugs. His attempts to rekindle their relationship proved futile, with her opting for a separate living arrangement while he continued caring for their four-year-old child. Her occasional visits to their home only deepened his heartbreak.

The man admitted to losing his will to work, consumed by a poor mental state. Any semblance of care or concern she once had for him and their child seemed to vanish. Her defenses of her lover made it clear that the old ties were irreparably severed.

At his wit’s end, the man turned to Guntouch Jompalang for support. Guntouch pledged to take the fight to the Ministry of Public Health, accusing the hospital director not just of adultery, but also of possible ethical violations. With his wife seemingly out of reach, the man’s goal became seeking justice, and in turn, some semblance of peace for himself and his child.

As the scandal unfolds, many await the outcome of this legal and moral quagmire, reflecting the harsh realities of trust, betrayal, and the complex human emotions entangled within. The media and public eye continue to watch closely, adding another twist to this dark chapter in the man’s life story.


  1. John Doe June 20, 2024

    This is so heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the pain this man is going through.

    • Karen June 20, 2024

      Yes, but why air your dirty laundry in public? This should have been dealt with privately.

      • John Doe June 20, 2024

        Sometimes public exposure is the only way to seek justice when private methods fail.

  2. Jessica White June 20, 2024

    If the allegations are true, the hospital director should face serious repercussions. This is a clear abuse of power.

    • Phil M June 20, 2024

      But it takes two to tango. The wife isn’t innocent in this scenario.

    • Jessica White June 20, 2024

      Agreed, but the power dynamics are skewed here. A director and a nurse? There’s an imbalance.

  3. TruthSeeker1987 June 20, 2024

    The husband needs to move on and focus on his kid. Dwelling on this won’t help anyone.

    • Anna T. June 20, 2024

      Easier said than done. Betrayal cuts deep, especially when a child is involved.

      • TruthSeeker1987 June 20, 2024

        True, but he’s wasting his energy. He should channel it into something constructive for his child’s future.

  4. Samantha June 20, 2024

    The use of sado-masochistic activities is consensual between adults. The real issue here is the infidelity.

    • Mike R June 20, 2024

      Exactly! People’s private sexual preferences shouldn’t be judged.

  5. Tony June 20, 2024

    Why do people feel the need to control their partner’s sexual choices? If she’s done, let her go.

    • Grace June 20, 2024

      It’s not about control; it’s about commitment and trust in a marriage.

    • Tony June 20, 2024

      True, but if one person isn’t happy, there’s no point in forcing the relationship. It only causes more pain.

  6. Larry D June 20, 2024

    Gun Jompalang just wants media attention. This is all about him projecting himself as a savior.

    • Hannah June 20, 2024

      Maybe, but it seems like the husband needed someone to advocate for him. Gun filled that role.

      • Larry D June 20, 2024

        Advocacy shouldn’t turn into a media circus. It disrespects all parties involved.

  7. Steve June 20, 2024

    The real tragedy here is the child caught in the middle. Both parents need to think about the kid’s well-being.

  8. Lisa Brown June 20, 2024

    Affairs ruin lives. I feel so much for this man. Trust is irreplaceable once broken.

  9. TommyLee14 June 20, 2024

    Some women just can’t be satisfied, no matter what you do. It’s not his fault his wife strayed.

    • Priscilla June 20, 2024

      Let’s not generalize. There are complexities in every relationship.

  10. James June 20, 2024

    Adultery should be punished by law. It’s a serious offense.

  11. Nicole P June 20, 2024

    People fall out of love. It’s part of life. The important thing is how you handle it afterwards.

    • Oliver June 20, 2024

      Totally agree. It’s better to part ways amicably rather than living in resentment.

  12. Vanessa June 20, 2024

    The hospital director needs to be fired immediately. Such behavior is unacceptable in a professional environment.

  13. Gary W. June 20, 2024

    The husband’s decision to go public might negatively impact his child’s future. This kind of scandal can have lasting effects.

    • Mandy K June 20, 2024

      Agreed, but he probably felt he had no other choice. Desperation can make people do extreme things.

  14. NinjaTurtle12 June 20, 2024

    I feel sorry for the man, but he needs to stop being a victim and take control of his life.

  15. Sophia H June 20, 2024

    Infidelity is just a symptom of a larger problem. Clearly, there were issues in the marriage before this affair.

  16. AngryMom23 June 20, 2024

    The nurse should lose her license. Medical professionals are supposed to be held to higher ethical standards.

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