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Shocking Breakthrough: Realistic Silicone Prosthetics Restore Lives After Traumatic Amputations!

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The Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute (SNMRI) strives to achieve outstanding performance in its silicone clinic by evaluating and crafting high-quality silicone prosthetics for individuals who have undergone post-traumatic amputations. The SNMRI understands that patients who lose all or part of an organ as a result of an accident often face significant obstacles when attempting to reintegrate into the workforce and society.

With this in mind, the institute adopts a comprehensive approach towards the rehabilitation process by creating silicone prosthetics that offer more realistic appearances and deliver functionalities akin to the lost limbs. Dr. Pairoj Surattanawanich, deputy director-general of the Department of Medical Services, highlighted the rapid advancements in technology and prosthetics designed to support individuals with disabilities.

The SNMRI places a strong emphasis on addressing the mental well-being of patients who suffer permanent organ loss. Today’s prosthetics made of silicone provide enhanced support for fingers, toes, hands, and forefoot replacements, while maintaining a lifelike appearance. “These advancements help mentally support patients who lose their organs in accidents and those who have lesions or congenital disorders to reintegrate into society and lead better lives,” explained Dr. Pairoj.

According to SNMRI’s director Dr. Pathra Angsuwan, the institute introduced silicone clinics in 2012, featuring a dedicated rehabilitation team consisting of doctors, prosthetists, and specialists to assist with custom silicone prosthetics.

Dr. Pathra assured that the clinic uses only medically-certified technology and silicone materials in the manufacturing process, subjecting each product to rigorous quality checks before they are deemed suitable for commercial use. In addition to delivering high-quality prosthetics, the clinic offers tailored solutions for each patient, accommodating preferences such as skin complexion and even providing customized artificial nails. To reach patients in remote locations, the clinic also extends online consultations and advice.

The SNMRI, through its innovative approach to silicone prosthetics and commitment to addressing both the physical and mental well-being of patients, continues to transform the lives of those who have experienced life-altering accidents. By crafting realistic and functional prosthetics, the institute enables individuals to regain independence, restore self-esteem, and reintegrate into society, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

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