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Shocking Future Predictions Unveiled at ZTE’s 5G Summit! Immerse in a Metaverse Revolution Propelling Human Civilization!

On 14th November 2023, ZTE Corporation, a world-renowned ICT solutions provider, marked the opening of its annual 5G Summit & User Congress 2023 in Thailand’s pulsating capital city, Bangkok. This two-day event, swathed in the theme “Embrace the Digital Nexus”, drew industry moguls who divulged valued insights, applicable case studies, and prognostications about future networks and the digital terrain.

ZTE’s President of Overseas, Xiao Ming, graced the event with an inspiring opening address. As he spoke, Ming painted a vivid image of an interlinked cosmos, brought to life by the omnipresent network known as 5G-A. The power of this digital force, he expounded, births undreamed realities such as XR and the Metaverse. Akin to a magnetic piston, it drives industries, perpetually propelling human civilizations upwards.

Further emphasising ZTE’s commitment to the digital sphere, Ming shared ZTE’s practical experiences and insights. He highlighted the company’s active collaborative efforts with numerous operators on 5G, fostering an ecosystem of over 1000 industry partners. ZTE’s forward vision, he explained, pivots on the concept of digital cohesion – forming a digital fabric where functionalities are modular, undemanding, and malleable, with capacity, efficiency, fusion, and sustainability acting as the warp threads.

John Hoffman, the esteemed CEO of GSMA Ltd., echoed Ming’s sentiments on the transformative power of 5G technologies, voicing the necessity for industry-wide dialogue and co-work to build a sustainable future. The ZTE 5G Summit, for Hoffman, was the perfect stage for such critical discussions.

Offering another perspective, Hutchison Drei Austria’s CEO, Rudolf Schrefl, described the adoption of 5G as a revolution – a paradigm shift – pivoting the focus from mere customer upgrades to seamless, high-speed, reliable interactive experiences. Future digital interactions, Schrefl opined, will span uncharted territories, considerably reshaping human interaction with the world around them.

As the world embraces the driving force of the digital economy, ZTE readily navigates this revolution, acting as the Driver of the Digital Economy. Its commitment is unshakeable – utilizing ground-breaking ICT technologies to further global digital transformation. The ability to meet diverse global demand rests on its versatility – owning a wide-ranging portfolio that comprises wireless and wireline solutions, services, devices, and professional telecommunication services.

The event also served as a platform for ZTE to display its innovative products and best practices at the innovation centre in Thailand. There, in the “Wireless Everything” area, strategies to upgrade existing 4G networks for future 5G success were presented. The exhibition not only broadened the scope of 5G experiences, coverage, and services but also underscored the significance of modifying networks with native tools and eco-friendly infrastructure units.

In the arena of all-optical network technologies, ZTE activated new values through an end-to-end product series showcasing its commitment to this field. In the servers and storage space, ZTE provided a range of solutions to power the burgeoning demands of the digital age.

ZTE’s Mobile Devices division followed the global brand vision of “Better for All”, featuring numerous cutting-edge smart devices at the event. These included the nubia Pad 3D, touted as the world’s first AI-powered eyewear-free 3D tablet, the nubia Neo 5G, a gamified phone for global beginners, and the ZTE FWA & MBB products, the top choice in the global market, reinforcing ZTE’s commitment to providing customers with better products and experience at competitive prices.

Continuing its dedicated work alongside operators and industry partners, ZTE will persist in building a sharing digital ecosystem and promoting sustainable development. The ZTE 5G Summit and User Congress 2023 provided an invaluable platform for global partners to brainstorm and shape the future of communication in the digital era. Reminiscent of an age-old tradition, the event marked the 10th anniversary of the ZTE Global User Congress. For those yearning for more information, please visit:

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