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Shocking Thai Party Promise: Free Money for All Citizens Could Ruin the Nation!

Though he refrained from specifying a particular political party, it was widely assumed by journalists that the speaker was referring to the Pheu Thai Party’s campaign promise to deposit cash into the digital wallets of all Thai citizens aged 16 and older.

With a 10,000-baht allocation per person, the pledge is predicted to incur a cost of 500 billion baht. The Pheu Thai Party claims this considerable sum is meant to boost the nation’s economy.

“Implementing various cash handout policies could potentially increase the taxpayers’ burden and prompt the nation to borrow more, generating debt for the generations yet to come,” Chuan cautioned, as he campaigned in Bangkok. “It is essential for policies to strike a balance between revenue and expenditure. By law, parties are obliged to explicitly indicate how they will fund their policies and when they will implement them. Adhering to these rules is of utmost importance.”

Chuan emphasized that an effective populist policy should not excessively burdensom the state budget. He expressed pride in the populist policies pioneered by Democrats, attributing their success to their affordability and lack of detrimental impact on the country’s economic health.

Chuan cited the free milk distribution program for students, which was put into effect during his tenure as Prime Minister, as an exemplary initiative that has helped promote a healthier and more prosperous nation. He added that the student loans implemented by his administration enabled students from lower-income families to access higher education. In conclusion, Chuan reiterated the importance of striking a careful balance between cost and benefit when devising national policies, in order to preserve long-term economic stability and the welfare of future generations.

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