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Shocking Truth: Thai Politicians Ignoring THIS Key Factor to Boost Economy & Revolutionize Society!

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In recent weeks, political parties have been campaigning on a variety of topics, yet one crucial aspect has been noticeably absent: innovation. Pun-Arj, an expert in the field, expressed his disappointment at the lack of emphasis placed on innovation by Thai political parties, despite the significant advantages it brings.

He explained, “In today’s leading countries, politicians understand the importance of innovation policies for encouraging growth, fostering entrepreneurial competitiveness, increasing gross domestic income, creating new high-paying jobs, and enhancing their global positioning.”

Innovation, he described, is “a novel idea, approach, or device meticulously crafted to offer fresh solutions to existing challenges.” It plays a crucial role in maintaining Thailand’s economic growth, improving the quality of life, and addressing social disparities.

Pun-Arj cited several examples from other countries that are leveraging innovation to spur development and resolve social issues:

– China: An innovation-driven development strategy is central to the nation’s aspirations for self-reliance and high-quality development.
– Japan: Its National Innovation System emphasizes economic growth while tackling societal problems through technological advancements.
– India: Innovative measures have enabled the country to construct its own aircraft carrier and strengthen industrial supply capacity.
– Singapore: The government actively supports innovation by funding startups and providing clear guidance on which innovations to prioritize.

However, Pun-Arj argues that the innovation policies promoted by Thai political parties barely scratch the surface. While they mention digitalization, creativity, and renewable energy, these are merely global trends, not true innovations. Instead, he believes politicians should concentrate on creating an ecosystem that fosters the development of innovations.

In the 2022 Global Innovation Index, Thailand is ranked 43rd out of 132 economies. Though Pun-Arj acknowledges that Thailand’s position is relatively strong due to private sector investment and resource allocation, he insists that this is insufficient.

For instance, despite international expansion, Thai agricultural and food companies have yet to achieve global brand recognition, even though they are pioneering innovations within Thailand. Pun-Arj emphasizes the need for Thailand to expedite the creation of top-tier, innovative brands and develop more innovation-driven companies to ensure adequate employment opportunities for future generations.

He urges political parties to regard innovation as a priority when addressing issues such as competitiveness, corruption, and climate change. “As an organization entrusted with advancing the national innovation system, I would like to see a policy presentation that genuinely prioritizes innovation,” Pun-Arj concluded.

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