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Srettha’s Game-Changer Move? Invites Biden- You Won’t Believe Thailand’s Next Step Towards Global Dominance!

In a significant diplomatic move, Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recently reached out to US President Joe Biden with an invitation for a formal state visit. This substantial gesture was made amidst the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, held in the vibrant city of San Francisco. This esteemed global platform allowed the Thai Premier to affirm Thailand’s readiness as a launchpad for major American firms, essentially propelling their shared economic relations into newfound heights.

The 61-year-old statesman revealed snippets of his engaging dialogue with President Biden at the grand finale of the APEC’s concluding dinner. This occasion proved to be an invaluable channel for expressing his nation’s earnest will to construct more resilient economic bonds with the US, focussing on aspects pertaining to economic acceleration and advancement. Notably, this cordial invite extended to President Biden comes after nearly a ten-year gap since the last formal visit of an American president, Barack Obama, in the key historical period from November 18th to 19th, 2012.

A mammoth task in its own right, the chore of arranging the potential visit now lies with the competent hands of Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Articulating his plans to the press, Prime Minister Srettha shed light on his beneficial encounters with several prominent US companies that have exemplified great interest in capitalizing on Thai assets.

Cutting-edge firms such as Tesla are keenly advocating to develop a foundation for electric vehicle production within the Thai borders. Reinforcing this, other prominent entities like Analog Devices (ADI) and Walmart, too, have expressed their interest to tap into Thailand’s investment potential. ADI remains committed to investing in cleaner, greener energy, while retail giant Walmart is setting sights on widening its spectrum of halal and fresh food offerings.

Indeed, back in July 2022, these economic ties flourished when Thailand and the US penned an official communique, outlining their strategic alliance and partnership to reinforce their economic bonds for a prosperous future.

In another significant development, the Bangkok-born leader had a memorable engagement with the Chinese Premier, Xi Jinping. The two world leaders exchanged pleasantries and echoed their shared aspirations for a mutually beneficial and fruitful relationship.

The Prime Minister shared, “It was a fruitful meeting with major American firms. Most of them, like Tesla, are harbouring a keen interest in investing within Thailand’s shores. Tesla, in particular, is eager to establish an electric vehicle production base here. Some of its top brass will be visiting next week to scout a potential locale for the factory.”

Google reveals that Analog Devices, America’s renowned semiconductor enterprise, is keen on investing in the clean energy sector. Walmart, on the other hand, has its sights set on an expanded range of halal food and fresh food options,” added PM Srettha.

To conclude, Prime Minister Srettha’s latest engagements at the APEC Summit signal a hopeful horizon for Thailand’s economic connections with both the US and China, as per the Bangkok Post.

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