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Standard taxi fees in Thailand are 45 to 50 baht, but airports charge more

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While standing or sitting in traffic will cost about 5 baht per minute in Thailand, taxi drivers have proposed a 45 to 50 baht increase. Sadit said Thai taxi drivers might raise fares by providing better service. The department will meet with the associations in October to establish the fare.

The Land Transport Department said it would evaluate the rates at a later meeting. Sadit says the Land Transport Department must support and teach cab drivers. Sadit said four departments, including the Suvarnabhumi Taxi Coordination Association and the Electric Taxi Association, discussed the fare hike. Sadit Jaitiang, president of the Thai Public Taxi Association, said the group met with Sirirat Weerasarn, deputy director of land transport, to discuss new taxi pricing.

When recommending new rates, they sent the Land Transport Department the following information:

The basic fare for 1,500 cc taxis and 2,000 cc taxis is 45 Baht and 50 Baht, respectively.

• A trip from two to twenty kilometers costs ten baht per mile.

• A 21-to-40-kilometer travel costs 11 baht; 41-to-60-kilometer trips cost 12 baht.

• The next 61 km cost 13 baht/km.

• Traffic jams of 25 km/h cost 5 baht per minute.

• Airport taxi rates are 75 to 90 baht, depending on vehicle size and engine.

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