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Stunning Tragedy: Thai Highway Police Chief’s Mysterious Suicide – Cartel Connection or Unbearable Grief? The Hair-raising Details will Leave you Shell-Shocked!

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Encased within the serenity of Lam Luk Ka district in Pathum Thani province, the residence of Pol Col Vachira Yaothaisong, shimmered brightly, illuminated by the forensic police lights, starkly contrasting the morbid news the abode bore witness to on Monday. Once a hub of life and activity as the dwelling place of the commander of Highway Police sub-division 2, the dwelling now stood a silent Unceasingly, Vachira Yaothaisong, had unfortunately succumbed to the pain and chose to end his life abruptly.

Vachira’s role was one of command and control, overseeing the work and welfare of officers including Pol Maj Siwakorn Saibua of Highway Police sub-division 2. Siwakorn’s life too was abruptly cut short, resulting from a brutal murder at a dinner party held at Praween Chankhlai’s abode, often referred to as Kamnan Nok, in Muang district of Nakhon Pathom. This tragedy was of recent occurrence, taking place only last Wednesday.

The ill-fated dinner party saw the presence of 25 police officers including Vachira. The massive investigation following the murder thus also encompassed those who attended the dinner, forcing them to recollect and recount the dreadful events of the night. In that fateful gathering, Vachira, at the age of 44, lost his life, his residence in the tranquil Lam Luk Ka district of Pathum Thani now bears the weight of the grim news of his death.

The motivation behind Vachira’s tragic suicide remains unknown, cloaked by a veil of conjectures and multiple theories, adding an air of mystery to the tragic circumstances. However, a strand of truth woven within these conjectures points towards his involvement in his subordinate, Siwakorn, attending Praween’s fateful dinner. Vachira indeed was the one to call and instruct Siwakorn to attend, not knowing destiny had chosen a tragic fate for Siwakorn in the hands of the gunman Thananchai Manmak.

The tragic news of Vachira’s death spread like wildfire, prompting the immediate attention of deputy national police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol and Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat Pankaew, acting commander of the Highway Police Division. The shocked duo reportedly made haste to Vachira’s home upon hearing of the unfortunate incident.

The depth of the tragic event was more profound on Vachira, inducing tremendous levels of stress and depression, forcing him to seek solace in the walls of Phramongkutklao Hospital. The eldest son of a former Cavalry Battalion 7 officer at Phraya Pichai Daphak military camp in Uttaradit province, Vachira had a remarkable journey. He was a dedicated student in Class 39 of the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School and was part of Police Academy Class 55. He embarked on his police career after graduation in Si Rattana district’s Si Sa Ket province in 2002. His commendable service in the Crime Suppression Division’s special operations unit in 2024 led to his transfer and subsequent rise to the position of commander in the Highway Police Division 2, marking the end of a meritorious journey.

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