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Suthat Chuayrot’s Daylight Horror at Kheha BTS Station: A Tale of Drugs, Assault, and Public Terror in Samut Prakan

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In a jaw-dropping series of events that seemed more like the climax of a thriller movie than a Tuesday morning, the tranquil atmosphere at Kheha BTS skytrain station in Samut Prakan was shattered. Picture this: a bustling, sunlit station where commuters are all set for another day in the urban grind. But, this particular morning, the script took a dark twist.

Enter the antagonist, a 26-year-old man named Suthat Chuayrot, whose actions would soon cast a shadow over the day. Suthat, who hailed from the Muang district of Samut Prakan, surrendered to a cocktail of drugs that propelled him into committing acts that were nothing short of nightmarish.

The drama escalated quickly when Suthat, unable to fight the demonic clutch of Flunitrazepam, kratom juice, and cannabis coursing through his veins, decided to unleash terror in the most public of spaces. His stage? The walkway of the Kheha BTS station. His act? A chilling spectacle of public lewdness followed by violence and theft.

At around 9:38 am, a woman, a 30-year-old beacon of grace and beauty working as a consultant, becomes the unwitting co-star in this grim scene. She arrives, perhaps contemplating the day ahead, only to be thrust into a nightmare. Suthat, powered by his unsavory urges, attempts to force himself upon her. As she resists, he resorts to violence, hitting her repeatedly before snatching her handbag and fleeing. The scenario, fit for a horror film, was caught in the unblinking eye of a security camera, providing irrefutable evidence of the crime.

The plot, however, thickens. Suthat wasn’t new to the world of crime, with a resume that boasted previous stints behind bars for theft. But destiny, coupled with swift police action, ensured that his freedom was short-lived. A few hours post the attack, police officers arrived at his doorstep, arresting him in a scene that must have been laden with irony and despair for him. Charged with a slew of offenses including molestation, public indecency, assault, and theft, Suthat’s future seemed to have taken a grim turn.

But let’s not forget the heroine of our tale, who despite the terror, stood tall. Her voice, though unheeded during the attack, echoes as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of public spaces, shaking our beliefs in safety and security. Her ordeal raises haunting questions – what if this had been at night? What if the other person had not arrived?

This incident isn’t just a tragic tale of a crime; it’s a wakeup call, a reminder of the demons that walk among us and the thin veil of security that surrounds us. It makes one ponder, is anywhere truly safe?

As the curtains fall on this episode at Kheha BTS station, it leaves behind a narrative that’s as cautionary as it is horrifying. It prompts a dialogue, a discussion on safety, vigilance, and the dark specter of drug abuse that haunts societal corners, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. And as we move forward, one can only hope that this tale, though dark, sews the seeds of awareness, vigilance, and a call for action to ensure that the sanctity of public spaces is preserved, safeguarding the script of our daily lives from such terrifying twists.


  1. Sarah May 8, 2024

    Absolutely horrifying to think that what’s meant to be a safe journey to work can turn into a scene of a crime drama. Drugs are clearly a huge issue here, and it’s terrifying to see the impact they have on individuals and the wider public.

    • Tommy86 May 8, 2024

      Sure, drugs played a role, but let’s not excuse the individual’s actions completely. It’s his choices that led to the assault, not just the drugs.

      • Sarah May 8, 2024

        I agree that personal responsibility is crucial, but we can’t ignore the influence of drug abuse. It’s a complex issue that needs addressing at both the individual and societal level.

    • JennyL May 8, 2024

      It’s not just about the drugs, though. This is a stark reminder that women aren’t safe, even in public spaces during broad daylight. We need better security in place.

      • Mark_theGuard May 8, 2024

        Increased security could help, but it’s also about creating an environment where everyone feels responsible for each other’s safety.

  2. DaveWatcher May 8, 2024

    Why are we always surprised when these things happen? Our society glorifies violence and ignores mental health until something tragic occurs.

    • MentalHealthAdvocate May 8, 2024

      You’re right, Dave. Mental health is often ignored, and there’s a dire need for better mental health services and public awareness.

      • SkepticalSam May 8, 2024

        Mental health services won’t stop all crimes. People need to be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their mental state.

  3. Chloe1994 May 8, 2024

    Public spaces should feel safe for everyone, no matter the time of day. The fear instilled by this kind of incident is unacceptable. We need action, not just thoughts and prayers.

  4. PolicyNerd May 8, 2024

    This event must reignite the conversation around drug policy reform. The current system isn’t working if individuals like Suthat fall through the cracks only to endanger the public.

    • RoseTyler May 8, 2024

      Reform is needed, but we also must consider harsher penalties for violent offenders. It’s about balance.

      • PolicyNerd May 8, 2024

        Harsher penalties alone won’t solve the root issue. Comprehensive reform includes prevention, treatment, and support for reintegration.

  5. VigilantEye May 8, 2024

    This is why I always stay alert and keep an eye on my surroundings. You can never be too careful these days.

    • Peacemaker May 8, 2024

      Staying alert is wise, but it’s sad we have to live in constant vigilance. I long for a world where safety is a given, not a luxury.

      • RealistRay May 8, 2024

        Idealistic, but unrealistic. The world has never been completely safe. The best we can do is protect ourselves and the ones we love.

  6. Concerned Citizen May 8, 2024

    Can we also talk about how quick the police response was? Credit where credit is due. It’s reassuring to know that the authorities can act swiftly in such cases.

    • DaveWatcher May 8, 2024

      True, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Prevention is key, and that starts with a society that doesn’t turn a blind eye to its underlying issues.

      • Concerned Citizen May 8, 2024

        Absolutely, prevention is crucial. I just hope this incident triggers the necessary changes in policy and public consciousness.

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