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Suvarnabhumi Airport requests extra taxis amid growing waits

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Even though most people are thrilled to see tourism return to Thailand and a rise in the number of international flights, there is one thing that practically nobody misses: standing in line for a taxi. As the number of arriving flights at the airport rises, there is a shortage of available taxis for arriving customers. As the number of passengers waiting for taxis at Suvarnabhumi Airport continues to climb, airport officials have issued a call for more taxis to register for pick-ups. Before they may seek customers, taxis must register as authorized airport transportation. In an effort to lessen the number of clients waiting in lengthy lines, officials at Thailand’s principal airport hub are requesting that additional cabs provide the service. According to the Bangkok Post, the recent long holiday weekend served only to demonstrate the necessity of this. Following their arrival in the country, travelers have recently shared photographs on social media revealing the lengthy wait they faced for a ride. During the King Chulalongkorn holiday weekend, however, there was an increase in the number of travelers arriving at the airport, but not enough taxis to serve everyone. Suvarnabhumi Airport made a statement indicating that the rise in arriving passengers was to blame after receiving a considerable number of concerns brought to the public’s attention. The number of passengers arriving over the weekend exceeds the number of taxis registered to pick them up.

Despite the fact that the government has been planning and preparing for the high number of tourists they expect to return to Thailand, it appears that the issue of what to do with the tourists once they come has not been adequately studied. Officials believe that the demand is increasing, although it is still significantly lower than it was before Covid. Even taxis that have been previously registered are therefore discouraged from standing in line to pick up passengers who have arrived by plane. A substantial number of individuals have resorted to searching for taxi fares in other places. Therefore, airport authorities at Suvarnabhumi Airport issued a statement urging public taxi drivers to complete the registration process so that they can meet the demand for airport departures. In an effort to collect additional taxes, they pledged in their statement to deploy outreach personnel at airport pickup stands. In addition, they reminded passengers that the Airport Rail Link train has connections to the MRT lines and the BTS Sky train, making it a convenient option to take a taxi when commuting from the airport into the city. You can also avoid the growing taxi line by taking one of the numerous public buses, shuttle vans, or private limousines.

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