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Suvarnabhumi Airport’s Rapid Ascent: Aiming for Top 20 in the Global Rankings by 2028

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Imagine stepping into the grandeur of Suvarnabhumi Airport, where the buzz of excited travelers and the promise of new adventures fill the air. This isn’t just any airport; it’s a portal to the world that’s on a meteoric rise to become one of the globe’s elite gateways. The Airports of Thailand (AoT) has thrown down the gauntlet, aiming to catapult Suvarnabhumi into the stratosphere of airport superstardom. With plans so ambitious they could make even the Wright brothers do a double-take, AoT is setting the stage for a transformation that could see Suvarnabhumi ranking among the world’s top 50 airports by next year, and not just stopping there but aiming for the stars – the top 20 by 2028, as revealed by the visionary AoT director, Mr. Kirati Kijmanawat.

Now, picture this: Suvarnabhumi Airport, already a jewel in Thailand’s crown, shining even brighter. Thanks to a heady ascent from 68th to 58th in the prestigious Skytrax’s World’s Best Airport rankings for 2024, it’s an establishment that refuses to rest on its laurels. This leap can be attributed to a cocktail of service enhancements and the unveiling of satellite terminal 1 (SAT-1), which has gracefully expanded its passenger handling capacity. It’s as if Suvarnabhumi is on an escalator, steadily climbing up the rankings.

The secret sauce? A relentless pursuit of excellence. The AoT has fine-tuned the passenger screening procedure to such a degree that it now zips by quicker than a greased lightning bolt. By ushering in an additional battalion of 200 officers to the immigration force and promising the installation of 80 auto gates by August, they’re not just speeding things up; they’re revolutionizing the entire experience. And with the integration of CT scanning technology on the horizon, the days of pondering whether your bottle of water will make it through security will soon be a distant memory. Yes, you read that right – soon, you’ll be able to bring your drinks on board without a hitch!

But wait, there’s more! Mr. Kirati revealed that currently, half of the airport’s clunky old luggage scanners are on the chopping block, set to be replaced by sleek, efficient CT scanners within a year. It’s a game-changer that promises to make the luggage check process as smooth as a silk robe. And the results are already showing – the average time a passenger spends going through the screening process has been slashed from 50 minutes down to a mere 37, leaving the global standard biting the dust.

The aim to reduce this time even further to a swift 30 minutes is not just ambition; it’s a challenge to the status quo, pushing for excellence. Suvarnabhumi faces its fair share of trials, with congestion at airline check-in counters being a pesky thorn in its side. Yet, fear not, for the AoT is on it, accelerating its East Expansion project that promises to unfurl over 60,000 sqm of additional passenger space, ensuring the airport not only keeps pace with its swelling ranks of travelers but offers them a breathing space adorned with convenience and efficiency.

As we look towards 2028, with the expanded space set to unfurl its wings, one thing is clear – Suvarnabhumi Airport is not just aiming to be a stopover on your journey; it’s striving to be a highlight, a place where every moment spent is a moment to cherish. From brisk screening processes to the joy of boarding with your favorite drink in hand, Suvarnabhumi is on a flight path to redefine what it means to be a world-class airport. Buckle up, world, for Suvarnabhumi is about to take you on an unforgettable ride to the zenith of airport excellence.


  1. TravelJunkie101 April 30, 2024

    This sounds impressive but I’m skeptical about the practicality of such rapid improvements. Airports have notorious bureaucracy and delays in upgrades. Will Suvarnabhumi really be able to break this mold?

    • Mike April 30, 2024

      I share your skepticism. Remember the Berlin Brandenburg airport disaster? Supposed to open in 2011, didn’t fully open until 2020!

      • TechAviator April 30, 2024

        True, but let’s not forget that airports in Asia, especially ones like Changi, have set a high standard in completing massive projects on time. Thailand could pull this off with the right management and funds.

    • FrequentFlyer April 30, 2024

      The difference here is the determination of the Thai authorities. They’ve managed to enhance the airport’s facilities significantly over the past years. Why doubt them now?

  2. EcoWarrior April 30, 2024

    While these upgrades sound great for travelers, what’s being done about the environmental impact? Airports this large can be a huge drain on resources and a source of pollution.

  3. SuvarnaFan April 30, 2024

    I’ve always loved flying through Suvarnabhumi. It’s already top-notch in my book. These upgrades will only make a great airport even better.

    • OldTimer April 30, 2024

      It’s a good airport, yes, but let’s not get carried away. It’s got its issues like any other major hub. Overcrowding and delays are still a thing.

    • Nomad May 1, 2024

      Every airport has its pros and cons, but Suvarnabhumi’s strategic location in Southeast Asia makes it a key player. These upgrades could indeed elevate its status significantly.

  4. BudgetBuddy April 30, 2024

    Upgrades and expansions usually mean one thing – higher fees. How much more are we going to have to pay for tickets because of this?

    • SuvarnaFan April 30, 2024

      A small price to pay for a significantly better experience, if you ask me.

  5. TechGeek April 30, 2024

    CT scanners and auto gates are a massive step forward. The less time spent in queues, the better. This could be a game-changer for the airport’s efficiency.

  6. HistoryBuff May 1, 2024

    What most people don’t realize is that airports are more than transit points; they’re gateways to cultures. It’s fascinating how Suvarnabhumi blends traditional Thai architecture with modern functionality.

    • CulturalCritic May 1, 2024

      Absolutely. The aesthetic aspect of airports often goes unnoticed, but it plays a significant role in a traveler’s experience.

  7. Nomad May 1, 2024

    Hoping these new upgrades will smooth out the check-in and immigration process. Last time, the wait was unbearable.

  8. Globetrotter May 1, 2024

    Sounds promising, but let’s see if these ambitious plans materialize. AoT has big dreams, but reality can be quite different.

  9. Johnny May 1, 2024

    Just make the Wi-Fi faster, and I’ll be happy. That’s all I want from an airport.

    • TechGeek May 1, 2024

      You’d think in 2023, fast Wi-Fi would be a given. Hopefully, that’s part of the upgrade!

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