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Taiwan welcomes Bangkok’s maiden flight without restrictions

Even though there is no longer a necessity for foreigners to undergo forced quarantine, they are still expected to have their health checked and complete rapid Covid tests, according to the Bangkok Post. Travelers are only required to monitor their health for the first week after entering the nation, and they can administer the necessary tests themselves. Prior to the outbreak, Taiwan was a popular holiday destination because to its bustling towns, which were recognized for their delectable cuisine, as well as the country’s magnificent natural beauty and scuba diving chances. When countries began to reopen their borders to international travelers, Taiwanese and foreign residents were once again free to leave and enter the country; however, they were required to undertake a two-week quarantine period at home or in a hotel. Eva Airways and China Airlines, the two largest international airlines of Taiwan, have been working diligently to restore flights to roughly pre-pandemic levels. Currently, travel restrictions have been relaxed. In addition to increasing capacity on existing routes, they are establishing new routes, such as flights to Da Nang, Vietnam.

After the country eliminated its quarantine requirements and prohibitions on Covid-19, a plane from Bangkok became the first foreign flight to land in Taiwan. This morning, shortly after midnight, a commercial flight from Bangkok was the first of its kind to arrive at its destination without passengers being required to undergo quarantine upon landing. As the Covid outbreak decreased in other Asian nations, Taiwan has been slower to loosen restrictions than other Asian nations. In June, their initial demand for a seven-day isolation period was reduced to three days. Currently, however, the condition has been eliminated totally. Taiwan’s immunization rates are high, and despite the approximately seven million domestic Covid infections in 2020, the government believes it is time to return to normalcy and conduct a full reopening. Despite the fact that there were about seven million domestic Covid infections in 2020, this is the case. At Taoyuan International Terminal, located just outside of Taipei, the airport employees presented the Bangkok flight’s incoming passengers with black teddy bears as souvenirs of their visit to Taiwan. As soon as they stepped off the plane, they were greeted by a media circus and Tourism Bureau officials, with the Tourism Bureau’s director general personally welcoming them to Taiwan. As soon as the plane doors opened, excited holidaymakers hurried to meet the officials and pose for photographs for the media.

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