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TAT predicted that this year’s Indian weddings will bring in ฿400 billion for Thailand

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The TAT reports that 4.2 million visitors spent a total of 186 billion baht in Thailand between January 1 and August 28. Let’s assume that the average Indian wedding costs 20 million baht based on Siripakorn’s data. In India, 30,000 weddings cost $60 billion, or 20 million Thai Baht. A Thai Indian wedding often costs between 10 and 30 million baht, according to Siripakorn. According to him, Indian weddings cost a lot since they can continue up to a week. The price includes everything from planning the event to planning the transportation and food. The deputy governor predicted that forthcoming modifications to visa-on-arrivals and visa exemptions on arrival will boost Thailand’s tourism sector. He asserted that more time spent in the kingdom translates into more wealth there. The deputy governor of the Thailand Tourism Authority, Siripakorn Chaewsamoot, claims that Thailand wants to take advantage of the “multi-billion dollar market” for Indian weddings (TAT).

The TAT predicted that by concentrating on Indian wedding parties and honeymooners, Thailand’s tourism income for 2022 will rise to 600–700 billion baht (US$16–19 billion) at the end of the year. To attain the minimum target of 600 billion baht, Thailand’s tourist industry must create 414 billion baht over the course of the next four months. That’s a LOT of Indian weddings. 300 Indian marriages, many of which will occur in Phuket, are expected to take place in Thailand in 2022, according to TAT data from June. According to Siripakorn, a lot of Indian couples have put off getting married for the previous two years because they want to hold their wedding reception and honeymoon in Thailand. Not 30,000 couples, probably, but a few.

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