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Terrifying Daylight Shootout in Bustling Klong Toey District: Unseen University Rivalry or Random Act of Violence?

The atmosphere was electrified with suspense yesterday as rescue workers and onlookers assembled at the site of a shocking shooting incident that transpired on Sunthon Kosa Road, situated in the bustling Klong Toey district.

An unfortunate woman tragically lost her life, succumbing to her gunshot injuries, while a man fights for his life, seriously wounded after a hail of bullets interrupted the daily life in the busy Klong Toey district. The authorities received reports of gunfire that had erupted right outside the local Thanachart Bank (TTB) branch on Sunthon Kosa Road.

Once the law enforcement officers and other first responders arrived on the scene, they discovered a disturbing sight. Two individuals had been critically injured, alongside the unsettling presence of a knife that had been left behind by the perpetrators.

Witnesses flooded the police with accounts of how the assailants, seemingly without a shred of mercy, started shooting at a cluster of unsuspecting university students after what appeared to be a heated argument. Following their violent attacks, they hastily fled the scene on a motorcycle, disappearing down Rama IV Road.

A local motorcycle taxi driver, who saw the horrifying incident unravel, told the police that the gunmen had initially parked by a small group of four to five students waiting patiently at a bus stop. That’s when, the pillion rider left the motorcycle, approached one unsuspecting student, and nonchalantly pointed his firearm at the student’s head.

The initial target, showing commendable agility, managed to avoid the first shot. However, tragedy struck when the stray bullet found an unintended victim: a woman named Sirada, a dedicated computer teacher from the nearby Sacred Heart Convent School. The bullet that was meant for someone else hit her in the forehead. She was subsequently declared dead at the hospital, according to police reports.

The shooter, unaffected by the near-miss, coldly aimed and shot point-blank into the abdomen of his intended target, before fleeing the scene. As if this wasn’t enough, the motorcycle’s rider was heard exhorting the gunman to carry out his gruesome task to the end. The result, three more harrowing shots were fired, this time, directly at the student’s head and neck. The student was left in a severely critical condition.

The police have initiated an intense manhunt for the assailants. They suspect that this seemingly random act of violence may actually be a result of an underlying university rivalry. The hunt is on, and the community hopes that justice will be served swiftly.

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