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TMBThanachart (ttb) Wins Digital Banking Award at Thailand Top Company Awards 2024: A Leap Towards Digital Excellence

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In the rapidly transforming financial landscape of Thailand, a shining beacon of innovation and customer-centricity has emerged, catching the eye of industry onlookers and clientele alike. TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited, affectionately known as ttb, has etched its name into the annals of digital banking history by clinching the coveted Digital Banking Services of the Year Award at the prestigious Thailand Top Company Awards 2024. The award, a collaborative effort between BUSINESS+ magazine and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, celebrates organizations that are at the forefront of digital financial excellence. Ttb’s recent triumph is not just a trophy in their cabinet but a testament to their relentless pursuit of digital transformation and improving the financial well-being of their customers, today and in the years to come.

Mr. Naris Aruksakunwong, the visionary Chief Strategy and Digital Group and the acting Head of ttb Spark, has been at the heart of ttb’s journey towards digital supremacy. Reflecting on the shift in consumer behavior towards digital banking and financial services, Mr. Aruksakunwong expressed how ttb, with its customer-first approach, embarked on a transformational journey spearheaded by the establishment of the ttb spark team. This in-house team has been pivotal in reinforcing ttb’s digital backbone, ensuring the bank’s services are not only top-notch but also tailored to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.

Envisioning a future where digital transformation redefines banking, Mr. Aruksakunwong shared insights into ttb’s strategy of transitioning from a traditional, branch-centric bank to a mobile-first financial institution. But ttb’s ambition goes well beyond simplifying financial transactions via their app. They’re on a quest to redefine “Beyond Banking” by introducing “ttb touch”, an initiative that expands their offerings beyond conventional banking services under the ethos of “Humanised Digital Banking”. This forward-thinking initiative aims to cater to the multifaceted needs of their customers, enhancing not just their banking experience but their financial well-being at large.

The statistics speak volumes about ttb’s digital pivot; with the new “ttb touch” application, an impressive 94% of branch transactions have now moved online, showcasing a significant behavioral shift among its users and paving the way for reduced physical interactions. This, coupled with a strong operational performance and an uptick in customer satisfaction, underscores ttb’s successful journey towards digital excellence.

Mr. Naris, reflecting on the past few years, highlighted the relentless efforts and milestones that ttb has achieved in enhancing its digital capabilities. The launch of the new version of “ttb touch” marked a milestone in this journey, transforming the way banking is perceived and experienced by their customers. Grateful for the recognition, Mr. Naris sees the award not just as an accolade but as a catalyst that will fuel ttb’s commitment to deliver unparalleled digital banking experiences and contribute to the financial wellness of Thais for generations to come.

This story, of ttb’s stride toward digital perfection, is more than just a tale of technological advancement; it’s a narrative of how a bank can redefine itself in the age of digitalisation, prioritising customer satisfaction and well-being above all. As TMBThanachart surges forward, it continues to set new benchmarks in the banking sector, promising a future where banking is accessible, seamless, and, most importantly, humanized.


  1. TechSavvy101 April 26, 2024

    It’s incredible how TMBThanachart (ttb) is revolutionizing the digital banking sector in Thailand. Moving 94% of branch transactions online is no small feat. This is a clear indication that the future of banking lies in digital transformation.

    • Traditionalist April 26, 2024

      While digital banking is convenient, I’m concerned about what this means for the elderly and those not tech-savvy. Not everyone is comfortable with or has access to digital platforms.

      • TechSavvy101 April 26, 2024

        Valid point. It’s crucial for banks like ttb to ensure that digital literacy programs are in place to assist those who might be left behind during this digital shift. Inclusive banking must be a priority.

      • RuralBanker April 26, 2024

        Exactly my thoughts, TechSavvy101. In rural areas, the digital divide is more pronounced. ttb’s digital push should include strategies to bridge this gap, ensuring no customer is disadvantaged.

    • CyberSecPro April 26, 2024

      Does anyone else worry about the cybersecurity risks with such a massive digital shift? Banks are prime targets for cyber-attacks, and the more we depend on digital platforms, the higher the risks.

      • TechSavvy101 April 26, 2024

        That’s a legitimate concern, CyberSecPro. However, with advancements in cybersecurity tech, banks can implement robust measures to protect users. It’s all about balancing convenience with security.

  2. Joanna S April 26, 2024

    I’m curious about this ‘Beyond Banking’ initiative by ttb. Expanding services beyond traditional banking could redefine customer experiences completely. It’s about time banks started focusing on financial wellness, not just transactions.

  3. Disruptor23 April 26, 2024

    Winning awards is one thing, but the real game-changer would be how ttb implements sustainable practices in their digital agenda. Digital excellence should also mean sustainability.

    • GreenFinancier April 26, 2024

      Absolutely agree, Disruptor23. Sustainability in digital finance isn’t discussed enough. Reducing physical branches does cut down on some environmental impact, but there’s more to explore, especially in data center efficiencies.

  4. BankerJoe April 26, 2024

    As someone who’s been in banking for decades, it’s fascinating yet a bit disconcerting to see how quickly the landscape is changing. I wonder what place traditional banking skills will have in this new digital-first world.

    • InnovatorMike April 26, 2024

      Traditional skills will always have value, BankerJoe. They just need to be adapted to a digital framework. The core principles of banking won’t change, but the tools and channels we use to apply them will.

  5. DataJunky April 26, 2024

    The shift to 94% online transactions is impressive but let’s talk data. How is ttb handling the massive influx of customer data? Proper data management and analysis are vital for personalized banking services.

    • PrivacyAdvocate April 26, 2024

      And let’s not forget about privacy concerns with that much data being collected. ttb needs to ensure they’re not only compliant with data protection laws but that they also earn their customers’ trust in handling their data responsibly.

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