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Terrifying Home Invasion Turns into Deceptive Ploy! Thai Woman’s Life-Threatening Encounter with Repeat Criminal – How Will She Outsmart Him?

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Tha Kharm authorities have captured a drug-addicted individual suspected of attempting a violation on an innocent Thai woman within her home boundaries in Bangkok’s Jom Thong district. The man, having a track record marred with unlawful acts and recently pardoned from prison time last year, is under the investigative eye of the law yet again.

The victimized lady, an industrious 24-year-old who goes by the name Ae, shared her harrowing experience with ThaiRath, stating that the horrendous event took place on the bright morning of August 5. Ae recalled how Autsakorn U-ngansin, the alleged perpetrator, deceitfully approached by parking his motorbike in front of her automobile and crept into her unprotected home.

She encountered the 34-year-old suspect inside her second-floor residence, where he allegedly assaulted her physically and armed with a knife, menaced to inflict harm on her. Autsakorn intended to violate her forcefully, but she bravely fought back, screaming for assistance.

Her brother, who was situated on the ground floor, was quick to her screams and sprang to her rescue, but not without finding himself in danger. Autsakorn pulled out the knife and directed it towards her brother, who fled the scene in a desperate bid to gather help from nearby residents. Taking advantage of the chaos, Autsakorn managed to flee the scene on his two-wheeler.

Surprisingly, the audacious criminal revisited the scene on July 6, leaving behind a peculiar combination of a dessert offering and an apology note. The note mentioned his regrets, a reminder for her to take her medication, and an offer to provide help if needed, with his contact number for apparent goodwill gesture.

The proactive Tha Kharm police officers swiftly devised a plan. They coaxed Ae into requesting Autsakorn deliver the mentioned medication, and surely enough, he participated in this trap unknowingly. Believing he had dodged law enforcement, he arrived at Ae’s home, keeping the medicinal package outside and then intending to leave.

However, the law enforcement agencies had been meticulously tracking his movement, swooping promptly on him and arresting him on the spot. An inspection led to the confiscation of a six-inch knife Autsakorn was in possession of. He was escorted to the station for a chemical test, which tested his positive involvement with narcotic substances. He confessed to having consumed drugs before committing the terrifying crime.

Reports reveal this wasn’t Autsakorn’s first run-in with the law enforcement officials. He had been incarcerated several times before for drug offenses, unwarranted trespassing, various attempted sexual assaults in Bangkok, and its neighboring province, Nonthaburi.

Autsakorn is currently under judicial review and faces severe repercussions under Clause 397 of the legal legislation. This law threatens anyone related to a sexual assault attempt with the possible sentence of up to a decade in prison, thereby a penalty of approximately 200,000 Baht, or the two combined.

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