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Thai authorities issue a warning against fake news and financial scams on social media

According to ministry spokeswoman Noppawan Huajaiman, more people may be aware of Covid-19 and have more faith in official information.

She continued by saying that online users frequently spread false financial news, primarily regarding loans, investments, and employment.

She recommended reading the news before sharing.

The top 10 fake social media reports from the prior week were:

1. Blood pressure for adolescents should be 120/80 and for seniors 140/90.

2. According to Thai meteorologists, Lionrock and Kompasu will have an impact in 29 regions.

Online applications for GSB loans up to $300,000 are accepted.

4. Online loans from 5,000 to 300,000 baht are available from GSB and Krungthai Bank (KTB).

5. GSB makes monthly loans.

6. Five times income loans are available through the KTB Line app.

7. SEC-regulated high-profit strategies are promoted by Facebook and Line.

Text messages from Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation are encouraging online loan applications.

Coconut oil that has been cold-pressed balances the body and soothes sore muscles.

10. Thailand’s Islamic Bank hires via Facebook.

141 fake social media posts were discovered by the authorities between August 26 and September 1. Four were connected to Covid-19.

The website, the Twitter account, the Line account @antifakenewscenter, or the Government Contact Centre’s 1111 hotline extension 87 can all be used to report fake news. False financial reports continue to circulate, the Ministry of the Digital Economy and Society said on Sunday.

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