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Thai Local Cash-Injection! Transforming Indigenous Products into Global Goldmines – Unveiling the ‘Increasing Happiness’ Venture!

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Thailand Post, an esteemed state corporation, has cast light on an innovative venture aptly termed “Increasing Happiness”. This remarkable project sits at the intersection of community development, global marketplace expansion, and efficient product delivery–an empowering trio indeed. The underlying objective is to raise the profile of indigenous products, substantiate their value, and generate a steady stream of income for communities, says Danan Suphatthaphan, the President of Thailand Post.

Currently, the project has brought into focus four local communities and their unique offerings–the Chaiya salted egg from Surat Thani, Suk Lam pickled fish from Udon Thani, flavorful Khao Hang rice from Sakon Nakhon, and mouth-watering soft dried longan fruit from Lamphun. It seems the tapestry of Thai flavors and products is vast and brilliant, being woven into a more globalized fabric of commerce.

“The initiative has led to the generation of at least 1 million baht for the communities since it was rolled out in 2015,” disclosed Suphatthaphan. However, it’s not merely about amassing profits; it’s about providing these indigenous products a gateway to larger, foreign marketplaces and, in doing so, stoking the embers of the Thai economy. It’s the classic instance of local craftsmanship meeting global appreciation.

Thailand Post is witnessing an interesting evolution in Sakon Nakhon with a surge in e-commerce entrepreneurs spanning from humble farmers to dynamic agents of handicrafts, food items, and other manufactured commodities. Consequently, the demand for its delivery services in Sakon Nakhon and other Northeastern provinces is witnessing a remarkable spike.

The logistics trend being set by Thailand Post is being reflected in impressive fiscal output: the North Eastern offices have drummed up 1.5 billion baht from January to October this year alone. Furthermore, Suphatthaphan forecasts a total revenue swell across the Northeast to touch the 2 billion baht mark within the year.

Thai Post’s service bouquet includes a pick-up service, air-conditioned delivery vehicles to ensure fresh produce retain their quality and a spectrum of packaging services tailored to individual business mandates. The service points also carnage efficient international delivery, spanning Europe to Asia.

The Sakon Nakhon Post Office, Suphatthaphan indicated, operates as a vital nodal point for delivery to Laos as well as to other neighbouring regions via the border checkpoints situated in Nong Khai, Nakhon Phanom, and Mukdahan.

Local Thai merchandise gaining traction in the overseas markets include Pha Yom Khram (indigo-dyed fabric), exquisitely-crafted wicker baskets, playful fighting-cock dolls, and key ingredients for a delightful Isaan (Northeast) culinary experience. These stand as testaments not just to the rich Thai culture but also to the tremendous ability of local artisans and producers to create world-class products that respect and reflect regional storylines.

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