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Thai street person converts bridge into bedroom

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The TikTok video shows the bedroom in Ayutthaya. After the @jittakorn pochoo video went viral, highway officials destroyed the homeless man’s bedroom. Everyone observed that the room appeared comfortable, save the five minutes of foot activity. According to Tharika Saleengam, 40, the man’s tattoos astonished observers. He acknowledged feeling bad for releasing the footage because it resulted in the bedroom being destroyed. The room was destroyed after the incident was reported in the Thai media and the video went viral. Despite the fact that police generally clean the overpass on Fridays, the homeless man was able to set up a bedroom, according to the 60-year-old.

The overpass is reportedly located in Au Thai, Ayutthaya. Today, the overpass bedroom was deserted when journalists went there. Police allegedly chased homeless persons from the pedestrian overpass, according to Thawat. Jatuporn Boonrot, age 41, allegedly admitted to avoiding the homeless man at night because she was terrified of him. According to Thawat Changtham, an officer with the Ayutthaya Highways District, the flyover was cleaned this morning to make it safe for pedestrians. The TikTok user commented on another video, “I’m responsible for it.” The man was waiting for donations with a plastic cup so he could buy food. The room had a foam container bed, pillows, laminate floors, sun-blocking drapes, and dolls. Some nearby online users were embarrassed since it felt like they were breaking into someone’s home.

Others asserted that the government must step in because it is a public space. A Thai TikTok user apologized for sharing a video of a homeless man’s destroyed overpass bedroom.

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