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Thai Workforce Trapped in Fear: Mortar Attack Sparks Panic and Pleas for Rescue! Will They Ever Return Home?

The tragic death of a Thai worker in Israel during a sudden mortar assault earlier in the week has led his family to implore for governmental intervention to bring his body home to Si Sa Ket province in their homeland of Thailand. In an unfortunate event, Phongphat Suchat and another compatriot from Thailand met their untimely demise when a mortar shell exploded in the vicinity of their location as narrated by the deceased’s elder sibling, Surat Suchat, who was at the scene of the tragic incident.

Surat, aged 34, described the haste of the assault, demonstrating that the warning alarm was given a mere five seconds prior to the lethal explosion. The unfortunate victims’ bodies were handled and removed by personnel from the Israeli military.

The sorrow-stricken brother, alongside Phongphat’s 53-year old mother, Phraiwan Suchat, and his wife, 30-year old Warunee Daosai, have passionately appealed to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin to aid in transporting Phongphat’s remains back to his hometown of Ban Krachaeng Muang in the Kantharalak district.

The incident has spread a fog of fear over Thai workers in the area, with many of them frozen in terror and unwilling to return to their duties. Surat, in company with 59 others, is in anxious anticipation to return home, vowing never to set foot for work in Israel again.

A disturbing revelation surfaced on Monday when a Twitter user under the name SuperBallAI narrated their terrifying retreat from a worker camp to a military shelter, only to be bought by a different employer. “I dashed for shelter, only holding a single backpack in lieu of my possessions. However, instead of returning home as I desired, I was bought instead by a new employer,” the Twitter user shared their distressing ordeal.

In retaliation to these alarming accusations, Pairoj Chotikasathien, the permanent secretary for labour, interacted with the Thai labour attaché in Israel for clarification. To his surprise, he was made aware that such proceedings were legal under Israeli jurisdiction. Responding actively to this information, Pairoj instructed the labour attaché stationed in Tel Aviv to visit and provide moral support to Thai workers, who are temporarily positioned in shelters across Israel, while also assisting them in registering their return to Thailand.

As per the latest information, around 5,000 Thai labourers have successfully registered for a complimentary flight back home facilitated by the Thai government. Keep up with more of The Thaiger’s latest news updates through our new Facebook page, found HERE.

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