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Terrifying Ordeal Unleashed: Man Battles for 16 Hours with Looming Death on Chao Pra Mountain – Epic Rescue Saga Unfolds!

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In the breathtaking Chao Pra Mountain of Trang province, Southern Thailand, a dramatic high-potency rescue operation unfolded that essentially saved the life of a 55-year-old man. A fall during his herb collecting trip into the forest left him trapped in a crevice of the mountain. The nail-biting rescue mission, significantly noteworthy for its duration – a whopping 16 hours – was undertaken by an army of over 30 professional rescue personnel. Located within the confines of the Phan Waterfall National Park, the heroic rescue operation truly tested the mettle of both the victim and the rescue team.

Early morning reports at 9 am had declared Suchat Chu-on missing. Having ventured out on a routine trek to collect forest herbs around the Bat Cave area, an unfortunate disaster struck him. However, he displayed remarkable presence of mind, managing to reach out for help to a friend. With the clock ticking, a formidable rescue mission was underfoot.

Suchat’s comrades, along with a few kin, marshalled their resources as they created a foot team to undertake the daunting mission. The pathway they needed to traverse extended about 2 kilometres from the ground to the victim’s location, a taxing trek that lasted around two hours. By about noon, they reached the victim. Unfortunately, Suchat was severely injured, afflicted by a major bodily wound – a fractured leg bone, induced by a large stone – rendering them incapable of supporting his own weight.

The rescue party, already drained and grievously affected by the sharp, jagged rocks and precipitous inclines of the limestone mountain, managed to move him a scant 50 metres downward. This operational update was reported by KhaoSod, and by 2 pm, they had contacted Komkrit Kongkleang, the headman of district Palian, and Napabhat Musikachiam, the leader of Pan Waterfall National Park, who then summoned the local rescue squad.

Upon arrival, the rescuers swiftly administered the preliminary first aid to Suchat, who was bleeding profusely. By 4 pm, a specialized rescue unit was on the scene, comprising dedicated officers from Southern Cliff Rescue Operation, Southern Rope System Rescue, Siam Rescue Unit, Siam United Heart Foundation, Ruam Jai Poo In Foundation in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Rom Sai Foundation in Satun, and Phatthalung Charity Foundation. This twelve-member team spearheaded the challenging, arduous climb to reach the injured man, a journey spanning another two hours.

As twilight set in around 8 pm, a plan had been put in place. Suchat was secured onto a camping stretcher. Utilising a rope-pulley system that was securely fastened to trees, they commenced the slow, careful descent. The arduous process extended well over 10 hours and it wasn’t until 2:44 am the next day that Suchat was finally lowered to the ground level.

Suchat was immediately whisked off to the Pa Lian Hospital before being transferred to Trang Hospital for further treatment. This monumental operation collectively rallied more than 30 officers and an overwhelming supportive response from over 100 locals from neighbouring areas who leant continuous support throughout the lengthy 16-hour ordeal.

The incident later compelled Suchat’s 25 year-old son, Wisanu Chu-on, to publicly acknowledge that his father, who ventured out around 9 am to gather herbs, rarely undertook such trips alone and certainly had no expectations of a disaster looming ahead. Such stories of grit and courage serve as a reminder to always prepare for the unexpected when venturing into the wild. After all, it’s not just about surviving, but how well you manage to do it.

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