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Thailand Endangered: Metropolis at the brink of massive floods as Monsoon Terror Grips Nation! Your Safety at Risk?

The atmospheric conditions across Thailand are indicative of the normal monsoonal pattern, with a moderate monsoon trough making its presence felt across the upper regions of the Gulf of Thailand and the eastern districts. This couple up with the southwest monsoon exerting its influence over the Andaman Sea sets the stage for occasional heavy showers over the lower Central region of the nation, including prominent areas like Bangkok’s metropolitan, the East, and the South.

Such meteorological developments call for a cautious approach. Flash floods and sudden overflows, are a distinct possibility, especially near the foothills situated close to water bodies and other lower lying areas. This situation necessitates an enhancement in the degree of caution used in transport activities across these areas. The department has issued an advisory warning to this effect, emphasizing on the likelihood of disruption in certain areas.

As for the maritime conditions, the department has issued reports indicating an escalation in the wave heights. The waves in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf could experience a rise, reaching heights of 1-2 metres, exceeding 2 metres during thundershowers. This indicates unsettled sea conditions. All vessels are advised to exercise increased caution and to steer clear from areas impacted by storms, to ensure the safety of the crew and cargo on board.

Interestingly, despite the prevalent unpredictable weather conditions, the department affirmed that the tropical storm Sanba, which is currently sweeping towards Tonkin Bay off the northwest coast of Vietnam, will not directly impact Thailand’s weather. This should provide some relief to the inhabitants in the region although vigilance is still suggested due to the existing weather patterns.

This serves as a reminder to both inhabitants and tourists alike, to keep themselves updated with the weather forecasts and take necessary preventive and protective measures, to mitigate possible adversities resulting from sudden weather changes.

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