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Armageddon Downpour? Thailand Braces for Massive Monsoon Fury – 32 Provinces under Storm Watch!

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has sounded an alarm for severe weather conditions enveloping the entire nation today. As per their predictions, 32 provinces will witness heavy downpours and thunderstorms. Bangkok seems to be on track for an approximate 70% rainfall commencing from the afternoon and potentially extending till dusk. Such a scenario raises the potential threat of flash floods in the city.

Concurrent advice has been issued to boat operators, particularly those plying the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. These regions are prone to storms, capable of escalating the sea waves up to 1 to 2 meters high. It’s a direct consequence of the monsoon trough hitting Myanmar and Laos, resulting in a low-pressure zone over northern Vietnam.

Simultaneously, the dominant southwest monsoon is affecting the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand. Given these weather conditions, Thailand is headed towards wide-spread thunderstorms, with regions in the northeastern, eastern, and southern areas potentially getting hit by heavy rains. Residents of these regions should brace themselves for potential hazards resulting from heavy showers leading to possible flash floods.

In areas as the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, the furious winds may blow waves to an average height of 1 meter. However, in stormy regions, these waves might reach between 1 to 2 meters high. Mariners navigating these waters are advised to proceed with caution and altogether avoid storm-struck areas.

On a regional scale, the current weather forecast stretching from 6 am today to 6 am tomorrow suggests a possibility of thunderstorms and heavy rain in the northern region. The greatest probability of 60% falls over the regions Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Nan, Tak, and Phitsanulok. The estimated lowest temperature is between 24-27 degrees Celsius, while temperatures could escalate to 32-36 degrees Celsius. Winds blowing from the southwest are expected to maintain speeds between 10-20 kilometers per hour.

The northeastern region is likely to experience a 70% chance of thunderstorms, with heavy precipitation in many areas. The most susceptible areas include Nong Khai, Bueng Kan, Udon Thani, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan, Yasothon, Amnat Charoen, and Ubon Ratchathani. Forecasted wind speeds would be approximately 10-20 kilometers per hour, emerging from the southwest.

The central region, with regions like Lopburi, Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Samut Songkhram, and Samut Sakhon lying in its scope, indicate a 60% probability of thunderstorms. The southwest wind speeds may fluctuate within 10-25 kilometers per hour.

Eastern province regions will likely share a 60% chance of thunderstorms, coupled with heavy rainfall. Areas earmarked for maximum impact are Nakhon Nayok, Prachin Buri, Chanthaburi, and Trat. An expected southwest wind at 15-30 kilometers per hour might whip up sea waves to around one meter, which could elevate to 1 to 2 meters in storm-affected regions.

The southern region’s east coast, comprising Songkhla, Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat, might experience a 20% chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain. The powerful gusts of winds from the southwest could touch speeds of 15-30 kilometers per hour.

On the west coast of the southern region, 30% chances of thunderstorms, primarily in Trang, and Satun, have been predicted. The wind blowing from the southwest may maintain speeds between 15-30 kilometers per hour.

Lastly, Bangkok and its neighboring areas have a 70% chance of thunderstorms mostly during afternoon till evening. Wind blowing from the southwest is estimated at a speed of 10-25 kilometers per hour, as per reports from KhaoSod Online.

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