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Thailand features two of the world’s “20 Most Beautiful Beaches”

The rankings placed Maya Bay at number twelve and Thailand’s Sunrise Beach at number six. This year, searches for “what are the most beautiful beaches” increased by 220 percent.

On Koh Lipe island’s busiest beach, Sunrise Beach, where neighboring islands can be seen across the shore, longtail boats float through the waters. There are a variety of plant and animal species there, most notably blacktip sharks. Maya Bay in Krabi will be temporarily closed from August 1 through September 30 in order to restore the environment. In this way, such species can continue to be widespread.

The list, which was published on July 21, was created by looking at Instagram post data and the number of Google articles that used the word “beautiful.” The Beach” star Leonardo DiCaprio filmed at Maya Bay, the other Thai beach on the list, which helped it become well-known. The winner was Main Beach in Byron Bay, Australia, followed by Venice Beach in California. Venezuela, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka are just a few of the countries with world-class beaches. Thailand is home to two of the “World’s 20 Most Beautiful Beaches,” according to a survey published in the UK’s Daily Star newspaper.

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