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Thailand has the best wellness retreats of any country in the world

Even though the filter is set to only show activities with at least four stars, 73% of the activities are still available. The Maldives has 29 spas and wellness centers, and 88.73% of them have four stars or more. There were 2,673 spas and other health facilities in Thailand. The Maldives and Indonesia both got 8.5/10, making them the second and third healthiest places to go on vacation. The best place for a wellness vacation is Thailand, which got 9.5 out of 10. There were 1,482 health and spa activities in Indonesia that got four stars or more. This is 71.70% of the list. Yoga and Pilates were the most popular classes at Ocean Sound. Some of the best beaches, marine life, spas, wellness centers, and other natural attractions can be found in the Maldives. Researchers from Slingo used TripAdvisor to find out which countries have the best resort hotels, spas, and wellness programs, as well as the language used in reviews from each country. The most people who went on vacation abroad were Americans, according to reports. At least four stars are given to 389 of the 390 resort hotels.

A survey says that Thailand is a great place for a wellness resort. People say that Thailand is the best place in Asia to go to a spa because it has some of the most expensive and healing resorts in the world. The survey also looked at what each country was doing to help people get healthy.

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