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Thailand netizens are upset about gov’t officials’ internet time

In a survey on Thailand’s Internet User Behavior, released yesterday by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), government employees did the best. Thai internet users carefully examined data on hours of Internet use by occupation, which showed that individuals in government agencies used the Internet the most. This year, the ETDA collected data from 46,348 people between April and July. Thai internet users expressed concern that authorities appeared to have too much free time given that every government department continues to use the outmoded document-based approach. The ETDA believes the Thai government is ready for a digital transformation and an e-office system given how much time officials spend online.

The results of the survey revealed the most popular online activities, e-commerce websites, and online newspapers, as well as how much time Thais spent online on average.

The study found that compared to students (8 hours and 57 minutes), freelancers (7 hours and 40 minutes), business owners (7 hours and 29 minutes), and employees in the private sector, government workers use the Internet on average for 11 hours and 37 minutes every day (7 hours and 6 minutes). The company has been producing the Thailand Internet User Behavior report for the past ten years. According to internet users, they had “too much free time,” spent 6 hours on TikTok, 4 hours on Facebook, and 2 hours on Shopee. Additionally, they were “viewing movies and listening to music every time I went to the district office,” they said. The ETDA was created to support and promote the digital transformation that is currently taking place in Thailand’s economy and society. A report that reveals how Internet users in Thailand use the Internet irritates those who believe they have too much spare time on their hands.

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