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Thailand reopens on October 1, 2022

Officials anticipate a boom in international arrivals now that Thailand is completely reopened, especially because the peak travel period for the nation’s most well-known tourist destinations is from October to March. As demand for travel to Thailand grows, flights there have been expanding as well. Tourism authorities are scurrying around to launch and advertise plans to entice tourists full-bore with this, the full reopening. The action with the greatest substance is a new program that will run through the end of March of next year to increase the duration of stay for tourists entering the kingdom amid a flurry of corny catchphrases and targeted demographics. Travelers with visas-on-arrival who previously received 15 days will now receive a 30-day stamp. And the 30 days will be extended to 45 days for individuals who entered the country on a visa waiver. We welcome visitors to explore Thailand’s new and current tourist attractions, which—combined with the nation’s growing commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism—will make for a trip they won’t soon forget. In an effort to encourage international travel, the TAT highlighted a number of planned events and new attractions coming to Thailand the rest of this year in a news statement. Today is THE DAY, after almost three years. Officials celebrated Thailand’s reopening in July 2021 with the Phuket Sandbox.

After that, we scrapped a ton of rules and declared a reopening in July of this year. But as of today, October 1, Thailand has declared a complete and unrestricted reopening following the COVID outbreak. They can basically enter as we all did before the coronavirus ride as they won’t need to present vaccine certification, negative APK tests, or even RT-PCR tests. Through the “Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters” campaign, Thailand has fully reopened to tourists from across the world with the message that our unique country offers something for everyone under the “From A-Z: Amazing Thailand Has It All” theme. After that, we had further sandboxes, Test & Go, the Thailand Pass, and a variety of other stepping stones. Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), gushed about the complete reopening and mentioned the various overlapping advertising programs that the TAT has been pushing for months. Thailand has now entered the “live with it” phase, removing all restrictions on foreigners entering the country, even though new variations and persistent infections still raise some concerns.

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