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Thailand wants Phuket as the site of the upcoming Specialized Expo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advised to exert pressure on Thai embassies and consulates abroad to promote Phuket’s bid for the role of Specialized Expo 2027/28 host city. Sunday, a source from the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) cited three reasons for the bureau’s insistence that Phuket is selected as the venue. They are as follows: Phuket will serve as an ideal location because it is already a global health hub and a major medical tourism destination.

As part of the “People, Planet, and Prosperity” idea, the Phuket exposition will highlight efforts to eliminate disparities in public health care and save the environment. Specialized Expos, also known as “International Recognized Exhibitions,” are global gatherings that strive to provide a specific solution to a current dilemma facing humanity. According to the source, campaign teams from Thailand and other nations have been actively lobbying Bureau World des Expositions (BIE) members to select Phuket as the site for the international fair. The election will be held in June of the following year as part of the BIE’s general assembly. Five nations are competing to host the following Specialized Expo: the United States (Minnesota), Thailand (Phuket), Serbia (Belgrade), Spain (Malaga), and Argentina (San Carlos de Bariloche). To be considered, each candidate submitted a thorough candidacy dossier to the BIE.

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